A Culinary Journey

Stellar Seafood

Do yourself a solid and grab a snack because we’re about to embark on a tantalizing journey through a world of epicurean delights. Below, we cover everything from ambitious barbecue joints to progressive brewpubs to stellar seafood. Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the pinnacle of dining experiences—AKA the crème de la crème—across six…

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Holiday Recipe – Cocktails

Add A Little Kick to Your Holiday Party As soon as the weather starts to get a chill in the air, party invitations begin showing up in your mailbox. In addition to family get-togethers, the holidays are filled with plenty of social mingling. Whether you’re a hostess extraordinaire or bringing a drink to a potluck…

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Super Bowl Munchies

Super Bowl Munchies By Chad Lovette Super Bowl parties always end up being divided into two specific groups: ‘the go-hards’ who keep their eyes glued to the screen, and the ‘commercial lovers’ who are just at the party to party with friends. There is one thing that these two groups both love, and it isn’t…

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Holiday Recipe: Turkey vs. Ham

The Age-old Debate: Turkey or Ham Plus, a couple of recipes for both to make the decision even tougher.  When preparing to cook the holiday dinner, there always seems to be a toss-up between which kind of meat to fix—turkey or ham? Fortunately at my holiday gatherings I can expect to find turkey and ham…

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#NationalHotDogDay – Bring on the Chicken

#NationalHotDogDay – Bring on the Chicken Recipe by: Fanny Slater A undoubtedly American tradition, the hot dog is something to be celebrated, indeed. But, because there’s enough pork being passed around on #NationalHotDogDay and everyday (not to mention pork can be a touch heavy on the hips!), why not choose chicken? Please everyone in your…

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The BBQ Battle

News & Events ideal-Living|May 10, 2018 When it comes to BBQ, most of us usually think pulled pork, on a bun, with a side of coleslaw and served at an outdoor event. And for the most part, BBQ is just that. However, the BBQ battle continues to boil between the East and the West, the…

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Pass the Plate, Please!

Shareable Bites to Make You Swoon over Spring By Fanny Slater Freakin’ finally! We can pack away our fuzzy boots and fleecy sweatshirts and break out the shorts and Rosé. It may not be bikini weather just yet, but spring screams warm breezes and lighter bites. Whether you’re aiming to brighten your spouse’s day or…

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Ideal Destinations Smooth Moves

Mainstream Moonshine Chicken Recipe | ideal-LIVING Magazine

Moonshine flows out of the past and into the mainstream. By Fanny Slater published in the 2016 Fall issue. Remember those rowdy 20-something parties where you’d empty every juice in the fridge and a generous helping of clear, high-proof liquor into a bathtub filled with ice? Yeah, me either. But that was kind of the…

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On the Trail Holy Smokes

BBQ Sandwiches Recipe | Creamy Crunch Slaw Recipe | ideal-LIVING

Why the Carolinas rule the Barbecue battle and where you can go to sink your teeth into the action. Southern Recipe included! By Fanny Slater as published in the 2016 Fall issue. In the Carolinas, barbecue is a noun. You don’t “barbecue a steak,” and the word is not synonymous for a grill. In the…

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