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Where you live affects how you live! Why not choose to live in a place that matches the lifestyle you desire?

If you are wondering where the most ideal location is to spend your best place to live, we're here to help! Finding a community that is a perfect fit is no easy task, and there are a variety of factors that can affect that decision: selling your current home, desirable locations, climate preferences, tax considerations, community amenities and lifestyles, and so much more! It can be overwhelming even thinking about it!

That's where ideal-LIVING can help! We work with hundreds of communities in locations across the country and several international locations to help connect people with their ideal community options. Everyone's situation is different and everyone has a unique set of needs and preferences when making a purchasing decision, but we are here to help and provide as much guidance and insight as possible every step of the way!

We've been in the industry for over 30 years and can help guide you every step of the way. We can help you connect with communities of like-minded people with the perfect set of amenities, in an ideal climate, tax-friendly location so that you can make the most of the best years of your life. Our communities are low-maintenance luxury living and located in the most ideal locations.

If you want to learn more and get a free guide offering helpful tips and solutions to get you started on your journey to an ideal lifestyle, sign up to receive our free, no-obligation relocation guide. This package is perfect for people who are just starting their search or who want to learn more about what master-planned community life is like. It also provides detailed information on specific locations and communities and what the best steps are to get started.

We can help guide you in making the most of your assets, the sale of your home, and finding a new ideal property whether you're main concern is finding a temperate climate, saving on taxes and cost of living, finding an active community, proximity to airports and medical facilities, or any combination of these, we have locations that will be perfect for you.

Signing up also provides you the opportunity to receive a free copy of our quarterly magazine which is filled with content detailing our communities, locations, lifestyles, and more!

We look forward to helping you make the most of the best years of your life!

ideal-LIVING Relocation Guide includes:

  • ideal-LIVING Relocation Guide
    The ultimate guide to find your ideal Destination, Life and Home. This annual guide contains over 15 state maps, a location based cost of living and climate comparison chart and Discovery Travel Packages.
  • ideal-LIVING Magazine
    Our quarterly print magazine features the best places to retire and/or purchase your ideal second home. Ideal-LIVING takes you to domestic and international destinations from the coast to the mountains and everywhere in between.
  • ideal-LIVING E-Newsletter
    Receive our digital newsletter, two to three times a month, which highlights many different communities around the country as well as in Central America.
  • Tickets to ideal-LIVING Live Events
    The ideal-LIVING Resort & retirement Show has helped retireees and second-home seekers find their ideal community and home for over 30 years.