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Listening Leads to Innovative Design

Listening Leads to Innovative Design It is often said the best things come to those who wait….

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Green Homes that Make a Difference

“Green” is a hot topic and a major sales incentive in everything from organic food to hydrogen-powered automobiles to recycling product waste. One of the areas in which going green has made the biggest splash is the construction of new homes.

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Sedona Verde Valley

While there are hundreds of sites worthy of exploration, the perfect itinerary for a one- to two-week trip throughout the Sedona Verde Valley includes the historic towns of Jerome, Camp Verde, Sedona, Flagstaff, Williams and of course, the Grand Canyon.

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Wineries of American South Pour Over

In addition to everything else it has to offer, this region is becoming increasingly well-known as one of the nation’s premier winemaking centers.

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Coastal Cottages

Homes that employ innovative use of space, energy-efficient appliances and green building materials, located in communities with walking trails and a built-in sense of conviviality, are what’s hot right now…and nothing embodies this spirit better than the classic, cozy cottage.

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Best Small Towns | Best of the Best 2017 Community Awards | aiken sc

One South Carolina Community is Ahead of The “Green” Curve

AIKEN, SC — In his opening days in office, President Barak Obama has called for a national…

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Improve Your Health with Green Tea

Widely known for its many and varied health benefits, green tea has been a staple of Eastern cultures for centuries. Archeological evidence suggests that people consumed tea leaves steeped in boiling water as long as 50,000 years ago. Today, millions of people around the world consume green tea, and scientific research is providing hard evidence for the health benefits that have long been associated with drinking green tea.

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Surf’s Up for Baby Boomers

Surf’s Up For Baby Boomers Many Baby Boomers were first exposed to surfing when they saw Gidget,…

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Ecuador—Affordable International Living

Ecuador – Affordable International Living Even before the 2009 economic crisis, my family and I were concerned…

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A Master Makeover: Rejuvenate Your Master Bedroom

Your busy schedule doesn’t stop at home. Where will you go to rest, relax and rejuvenate? Is there an uplifting spot set aside just for you? Thankfully, such a refuge already exists: your master bedroom. It is easy and fun to transform your bedroom from a mere square on your floorplan into a restful and inspiring sanctuary. Below we chronicle the transformation of a master bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary for the homeowner.

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Caribbean Paradise—The St. Lucia Lifestyle

Caribbean Paradise – The St. Lucia Lifestyle Heaven on Earth With its ribbons of sandy beaches, swaying…

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Mountain Retirement Communities

Ideal Living’s Top Mountain Destinations : The Appalachian Trail

Ideal Living’s Top Mountain Destinations: The Appalachian Trail Escape humidity and lower the temperature, enough to need…

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Top Places to Retire: Palmetto Creek of the Carolinas

You’ll fall in love with the laid back lifestyle of Southport, NC, a charming historic town just minutes away at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. Watch ships pass from around the world at Waterfront Park. Stroll the Southport Riverwalk and visit the shops around the Yacht Basin near the Marina. Treat yourself to fine restaurants or pick up fresh seafood. With the mild four season climate, the low tax rate and low cost of living, your story at Palmetto Creek just keeps getting better.

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Zero Energy Homes – Affordable Zero Energy and Net Zero Homes Are Now Available and Viable.

Zero Energy Homes—Affordable Zero Energy and Net Zero Homes Are Now Available and Viable. Energy… that magical…

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The Allure of Water – Lake Living

An almost primitive connection draws people to water_to the lakes, rivers and oceans. Maybe part of that reason is that, biologically speaking, human beings are about 70 percent water. Aesthetically speaking, however, who can resist the calming effect of watching the gentle ripples lap at the shore. The power of water to wash away concerns and leave you feeling refreshed cannot be ignored.

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Delaware Among Top 5 Searched States For Boomer Retirees

A surprising addition has made it into the top 5. Delaware, a longtime summer retreat, playground for weekenders from DC, Philly, New York and New Jersey, is becoming a popular retiree destination. There are also many top gated communities in Delaware to help you find the best place to live.

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Top-Ranked Amenities: Fitness Centers and Walking Trails

News & Events ideal-Living|April 17, 2021 Embracing an active lifestyle has never been easier for retirees who…

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Ghost Tours: Take a Walk on the Dark Side

A few favorite Southern ghost stories and the tours that tell them best. Every town has them,…

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Retirement! What’s Next?

Baby boomers-just who are they? With 78 million members, the baby boomer generation is the largest, best educated, wealthiest and most studied generation in U.S. history. What trends have this research yielded?

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Living in Costa Rica

The cold, the slush, the snow, the endless on-and-off of parkas, gloves and boots-it’s reached a point where something must be done. There has to be another way, and, fortunately, there is. Go south, where the weather is warm, the costs are lower and the living is easy. Well, maybe it’s not quite that simple-but it’s certainly worth considering when the cold weather has reached too deep into your soul.

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