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If you’re a lover of the sun, sand, and surf, a city near the beach may be the perfect place for you to retire. A beach-side lifestyle can be very enticing for those who enjoy the low-key, mellow atmosphere often found in these towns and cities. It’s hard to resist the temptation of retiring to a place where you can spend your days with your feet in the sand and the wind in your hair—so why fight it? Start looking now for the perfect coastal community that fits your personality and interests.

Which Beach Community Is Best For You?

Believe it or not, luxury communities by the beach are not all the same. Beach life varies depending on where you settle, so it’s important to think about the kind of lifestyle you want by the ocean. The East Coast already has a well-known and beloved reputation for seaside residences, but states like North Carolina or Virginia are going to have different atmospheres than communities in Florida. Retirement communities in North Carolina, like ones you’ll find in Wilmington, combine the beach lifestyle with a charming historic feel. Retiring in Savannah, Georgia, is much the same, where you’ll typically be only a few short miles from the beach or the city and its historic sites. If this is the kind of mixture you think about when you consider living at the beach, communities in these areas might be the perfect fit for you.

Further down the East Coast, retirement communities in Florida have a different beach vibe—and even access to different bodies of water, depending on if you choose to settle along the Gulf coast or the Atlantic coast. Some beach towns offer up more than just coastline when it comes to retirement communities near water. Orlando, Florida, for example, has inland lakes to take advantage of. Attractions like amusement parks also make it a prime location for visiting grandkids.


Keep in mind that seaside locations aren’t limited just to the south. Beach towns in northern states like Delaware provide different experiences, varying from beach to beach. Outside the US, beach communities in places like Playa del Carmen lend an exotic flair. So, while beach retirement may circle around one collective idea, it actually has many different facets, allowing you to live by the coast the way you want to.


It’s Not All About the Water

As with all retirement plans, other factors should be considered alongside the destination. Does the community offer other amenities you want and need to live comfortably when you’re not on the beach? If you’re looking to lead an active lifestyle, make sure you select a community that’s centered around active adult living. If you love to golf, communities with courses will keep your game at its best. A top priority of many retirees is being near exceptional healthcare facilities, if only for peace of mind. Cost of living and tax benefits also matter. You want your hard-earned money to go a long way, and some states are more forgiving in these areas than others. Weather, proximity to travel, and big city offerings are other things to include on your list.

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