Five Easy Universal Design Principles for New Homes

Building your own home is a life-long dream for many, so why not ensure that you can spend the rest of your life in the home you’ve created? Incorporating universal design principles in custom construction allows you to age in place and appreciate the fruits of your efforts. There’s no need to compromise aesthetics-some of the top universal design principles are actually quite easy to include when you plan for them right from the start.

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New Residents in the Lowcountry: Angus “A B” Llewellyn

Venture Out to the Lowcountry

New Residents in the Lowcountry: South Carolina Coastal Communities “It’s important to find the things that you love… and do them.” Angus “A B” Llewellyn was born and raised in South Carolina, went to law school in Columbia, SC, and then lived in Washington, DC, for most of his life. It’s time to return to…

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