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The Good Life – Walking Trails

Let You Enjoy Your Community

“Let’s go for a walk.” When you live in a planned community, that energetic suggestion takes on a new and delightful meaning. When Ideal-LIVING surveys its readers, walking trails are the number one requested amenity. And, consequently, most ideal-Living communities offer a variety of walking and hiking trails. Some communities have miles and miles of sidewalks, making walking and meeting your neighbors exceptionally easy.

Trails aren’t just for people. They’re a fun, safe, and healthy way to walk your dogs, away from traffic and abundant in squirrels and other creatures for Fido to focus on. Many communities allow bicycles, trail bikes, and golf carts on their trails.

Are you into bird watching, photography, stargazing, or simply smelling flowers? Trails can be the perfect path to new hobbies and ways to enjoy nature. There are trails with bridges, trails over and around hills, and trails along lakes, rivers, and creeks. Some community trail networks total 30 miles or more in total trail distance. There are even trails that pass scenic waterfalls and beautiful mountain vistas.

In warm weather, wooded trails offer shade and the chirping sounds of birds. Depending on the location, a community might have a mix of flat and hilly trails ranging from easy to strenuous, so you’re bound to find a trail that’s right for you. With apps like Strava, you can map and measure your daily walks and build up your distance and stamina. Trail walking is great for your heart and soul!

Trails offer a chance to socialize – not just with neighbors you see along the way, but with organized hikes and walking clubs. Many communities keep their trails clear and safe by forming volunteer trail committees. This is a great way to make new friends and contribute some light labor to make your part of the world the perfect place to go for a walk.

So, grab your walking stick and your best friend (two- or four-legged) and hit the trail!


Reposted from an article in Ideal-LIVING Magazine, 2023 Spring Issue – THE GOOD LIFE

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