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With holiday travels long over with and summer vacation months away, now is the perfect time to break out of your routine and go on a long romantic weekend with your significant other. If you can time it so that it falls on Valentine’s Day, even better! But we think it’s possible to fill any weekend with love. Here are a few weekend trips we came up with to rekindle the romance.

Cabin in the Woods

Take advantage of each other’s company and cozy up in a cabin. Whether it’s a fancy yurt or a picturesque ski lodge, the winter is a great time to enjoy Mother Nature. Picture this: a snowy forest surrounding your wood cabin, a crackling fire, a warm dinner, and a bottle of wine. Now that sounds like a relaxing weekend! During the day, consider hitting the slopes or taking a horseback ride in the sun. There are many locations all over the Southeast that offer this type of getaway and allow you to customize your experience to your taste. If getting away from it all sounds like a dream, but getting outside isn’t your idea of a good time, simply enjoy one another’s company.

Book a Spa Getaway

If imbibing doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider booking a spa getaway for two. Many spas and wellness centers now offer comprehensive couples treatments that will allow both of you to relax simultaneously while still having a little fun. If you think your significant other won’t submit to a pedicure treatment, many spas and wellness centers offer various services that appeal to those looking to relax and those looking to get active. With thorough research, you can easily find a spa that fits within your price range. But don’t forget to get out and enjoy time together. Book healthy dinners for two and head outside for some physical activity.

A Wine-Filled Weekend

Another romantic destination is wine country, which can now be found on the East Coast! Reserve a room at a quaint bed and breakfast and you’ll feel right at home. Most B&B’s are conveniently located, but others are tucked away in hidden nooks. Use your days to book winery and brewery tours. Many vendors offer package pricing that allow you to actually get an insider look at how these beverages are produced. Once your tour is over, the best part starts! With a renewed appreciation for the process, the wine or beer will taste that much better. Use the rest of the weekend to explore the interesting towns that help foster these unique ventures. Go antiquing or browse through an independent bookstore. Grab a cup of coffee or listen to a live band.

Traveling together is a great way to build upon an already stable relationship and also create new memories. It’s easy to spend a weekend at the mall, but things don’t last nearly as long as experiences. You can go for a weekend or you can go for a week, but no matter what you do, make sure it’s together.

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