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Eco-Friendly Design with a Contemporary Edge

Eco-Friendly Design with a Contemporary Edge

Unspoiled Costa Rica…

Featuring Renowned Architect, Amnon Dahan

unspoiled beauty of Costa Rica - KALIA

Peaceful, green, lush, verdant, mountain scenery transposed against amazing Pacific Ocean views where the sun dances on the water doesn’t begin to describe the natural, unspoiled beauty of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Renowned architect and developer, Amnon Dahan chose to leave his architectural legacy here in the Kalia Luxury Living Communities.

“I started seeing unbelievable, contemporary designs that are integrated into the beautiful terrain and into the nature of Costa Rica. That’s when I started seeing people living in harmony with nature, literally allowing the nature outside in, with homes melded into the landscape.”
—Amnon Dahan

Kalia’s sustainable communities are created to inspire homeowners and the world at large to live at the highest levels while being ecologically conscience. This “Eco-Luxe” lifestyle integrates remarkable modern architecture within the Costa Rican landscape.

Evolution of a Vision

Evolution of a Vision -Kalia - unspoiled beauty of Costa RicaAfter cultivating a successful architectural design business in the Los Angeles region for high-end, luxury clientele for more than 20 years, Dahan wanted something more.

“I had a burning desire to create something different. I had put all of my heart and passion into designing homes for other people and then I had to let them go to the homeowners. So, I wanted to leave a legacy to stay with me, my kids, and grandkids — something that would have a residual past and a great future to it. That’s when I received a call from a friend in Costa Rica about a development opportunity.

“When I landed in Costa Rica, I immediately engaged and fell in love. It’s unbelievable — words cannot describe the feeling you have here in Costa Rica, especially in the Guanacaste Region where we are located.

“I started looking over all of the beautiful mountain scenery, seeing the Pacific Ocean on one side and on the other side mountain ridges of a beautiful, green, lush environment. It was very peaceful. That’s when it hit me: I started seeing unbelievable, contemporary designs that were integrated into the beautiful terrain and into the nature of Costa Rica. That’s when I started seeing people living in harmony with nature, literally allowing the nature outside in, with homes melded into the landscape.

“Costa Rica is a place where you almost have no choice but to be present and to appreciate life in a different way than in the western world. The people here cherish each moment in life. That’s where these architectural spaces started to come out and evolve. I became a lunatic on a mission to unfold this vision in Costa Rica.”

Kalia Luxury Living Communities – Eco-Luxe Life

Kalia Luxury Living Communities – Eco-Luxe Life - unspoiled beauty of Costa RicaFast forward 10 years and it is evident that Dahan has fulfilled his vision to offer an affordable, luxurious, eco-friendly lifestyle to residents of his developments including the latest Kalia development, Bellazo, that is located on the “gold coast” of Costa Rica.

Eco-friendly, modern designs that meld into the landscape, each with a “green roof” and salt water infinity pool, are graced by either spectacular ocean, pristine nature, or mountain views.
The developers have planted thousands of fruit trees so that residents are never more than an arm’s length away from fresh fruit. They employ solar power and collect rain water to irrigate the community. They are also busy creating reservoirs to capture water and use native plants to clean the water, reuse the water, and then drain it into the ocean.

They use locally sourced materials where possible, but employ calibrated block wall systems from Germany that allow them to build as close to zero-consumption homes as possible. Their newest homes have the option to be entirely off the grid and will store excess energy with Tesla battery backups. These intelligent homes can be controlled remotely by your phone.
Not only are the homes exquisitely contemporary with high ceilings and glass walls to take in phenomenal views, but they are low maintenance as well. Using a Venetian plaster on the interior and exterior greatly reduces maintenance. But if the home does require maintenance, don’t worry, local labor is very inexpensive. It’s a fraction of the cost in the U.S. to keep a house maid or cleaning service in Costa Rica.

Home prices in Bellazo range from the upper $200,000s for approximately 1,250 sq. ft. to more luxurious homes up to 3,000 sq. ft. at the upper $400,000s. Larger homes (4,000 to 10,000 sq. ft.) are available up to $3,000,000.  They even offer rental management services should you wish to rent when you aren’t enjoying the “pura vida” lifestyle.

Interested readers can get a complimentary discovery tour that includes a luxury 1,161 sq. ft. suite, meals, and reimbursement of airfare for two up to $1,250.  More information is available on

The vision of the Amnon Dahan and the Kalia Luxury Living communities has indeed created a legacy of quality eco-friendly design that will inspire the world. Just one reason why Kalia received the ideal-LIVING magazine Best of the Best in Eco-Friendly Design designation.

It’s all about living a healthy, holistic, vibrant, luxurious lifestyle.

Written by Kelly Godbey

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Previously published in the 2016 Summer Issue.

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