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Disney World: Fun and Fancy Free For All Ages

Disney World: Fun and Fancy Free For All Ages

Grandparents with granddaughter Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, is the perfect vacation spot for those wanting to travel with their grandkids, or those looking to relive some of the magic of their younger days.

Although Disney World does not offer Senior Citizens discounts, there are always many deals for flights, hotels, and other vacation packages. Contact a travel agent for your best deals. Or check out the website, which has discounts on a variety of entertainment options in the area. Plus, off-season travel to the area is always great because Orlando’s weather is beautiful year round. Once you get to Orlando, you can find even more deals and specials that will help you save a dollar or two.

The best thing you can do to save money, is buy tickets online before you get to the park. There are a variety of websites that offer tourists options to buy tickets—Undercover Tourist, Maple Leaf Tickets, The Official Ticket Center, and the Walt Disney World ticket page. Just be weary of hidden fees—agencies sometimes add a convenience charge to discounted tickets, and if you’re not careful you might get charged the same price or even more than buying tickets at the gate.

Disney World is always busy and ready for people to explore. Just make sure you’re ready to do so when you go. Plan each and every day of your trip, so you don’t get over-tired. If there’s a need, Disney offers Special Needs Services— from valet parking , wheelchairs, or an Assisted Living system, as well as other services. You can explore all the services. Be sure to take advantage of the Disability Access Service Card or Fast Pass, which allow you to come back to an attraction when lines are shorter. And if you’re riding rides, watch for Disney’s warning signs to avoid medical concerns.

Make the best of your trip—take things slowly. Start with the mild attractions, see what you like, and build your way up to the more heart-pounding rides and shows. Start at Epcot—it is an ideal vacation spot for a more mature crowd. There’s lots to see and do, and a lot of space to do it in. There are even benches to sit on and rest as you take a trip around the World Showcase.

If you don’t like loud noises and crowds, you might want to avoid Hollywood Studios. Though, if you want to catch a show, this is the perfect place to do so. If a slow pace is what you’re looking for, then Animal Kingdom is a great place, but it’s attractions are outside, so it might get a little hot and humid. If you go, make sure to hydrate, or visit on a cool or breezy day.

Make your trip all about you, and if you’re not sure what to do, the experts at can help! They have suggested plans for different parks based on the specific needs of seniors, such as minimizing the amount of walking, capitalizing on breaks, and suggesting what attractions you might enjoy. Enjoy every moment of your magical vacation, and meet your favorite character. After all, you may only be young once, but you can always be young at heart!

If you’re thinking that Orlando might be your ideal destination, communities like Trilogy Orlando, Del Webb Orlando, and Reunion West may have exactly what you’re looking for. From location to the beautiful homes within, you can experience the excitement of Orlando every day.

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