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What Amenities Do You Desire?

What Amenities Do You Desire?

Oceanfront Homes in Wrightsville Beach, NCThere are lots of specific things that buyers are looking for in their new homes; some desire a beautiful view of the mountains or the ocean, others desire a large beautiful kitchen filled with everything a chef would need to make a high-class meal, and some simply want a beautiful pool and patio where they can relax in their off time. Putting a finger on just one desired amenity is a hard task—so we’ve come up with three.

According to an ideal-living survey, 66% of people want to live on the coast. This location is an amenity in itself, but for those truly seeking a coastal lifestyle, having a home with a view of the ocean is the icing on the cake. Standing on your balcony with a cup of coffee in the morning, watching the sun rise over the sparkling ocean could be the perfect way to start your day. Or perhaps just gazing out your window while doing the dishes, watching the waves roll in to touch the shore. Homes with a view are always a favorite choice. If you are going to buy a beautiful luxurious home, why not have it in a beautiful place with a gorgeous view?

Maybe it’s what’s inside the house that matters most to you. Like a beautiful chef’s kitchen. Whether they are chefs themselves is one thing, but having top-notch appliances, and plenty of room in their new kitchen is another quality. Having a kitchen with things like granite counter tops, dark wood cabinetry, and a tiled back splash to add a pop of color could be exactly the amenity you’re after. If you love to entertain, having a grand kitchen will make a huge statement, and is the perfect feature for your home. Having it open to the living area is an even bigger perk; your guests can have easy access to the area, and you won’t miss out on all the fun, either! A lot of the luxury homes for sale at this time are built with these large kitchens to help serve their large families and festivities.

Neighborhood amenities include swimming pools Coming back to the idea of water, some people enjoy the luxuries of having a pool or hot tub—or both. Whether a part of your own home, or an amenity offered by your community, having access to these things is a treat. Keep fit by swimming laps in the pool, or relax after a long day in the toasty water of a hot tub. Either way you look at it you can’t beat the perks of having access to water—even if it is just a pool!

So whether you are looking for your humble abode to be located on a sandy shore, or you are looking to be able to have the kitchen of a master chef, all of these amenities are strongly desired; the trick is to know which one is just right for you.

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