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Woodside Plantation Has it All

Woodside Plantation Has it All

By Chad Lovette and Bethany Tap
South Carolina Gated Communities | Woodside Plantation Golf CourseJust minutes from gracious and charming Aiken, South Carolina lies Woodside Plantation, a carefully planned, 2,800-acre gated community with many unique amenities. Woodside Plantation is dedicated to wellness, encouraging its residents to live active and full lives. Three private 18-hole championship golf courses, a tennis pavilion, fitness center, and walking trails are just a few of the amenities here. Whether you’re a golfer, tennis player, swimmer, or yogi, there’s something for you to do at Woodside Plantation, one of the best South Carolina gated communities.

The community lies in the heart of horse country. Equestrian has been a popular sport in Aiken since the late 1800s, when many wealthy visitors came to the area during the winter months, establishing the city as a Winter Colony. Today, the area boasts many stables and also hosts major equestrian events, from the Aiken Triple Crown, to the Aiken Trials and the popular Aiken Steeplechase. Aiken is also home to a blooming polo community; the area has over 50 polo fields, leading the city to often play host to the Gold Cup.

With so much to do, it is clear that Woodside and the greater community are committed to health and wellness. Woodside is not only located within a dedicated and thriving medical community, but inside the Village Fitness, the community’s state-of-the-art fitness center, you can also find a Health and Wellness Campus. Here, several of the area’s premier doctors and medical professionals work, specializing in everything from cardiology to orthopedic medicine.

Part of being wholly well is being able to experience the joys and beauty of nature. Whether it is by taking a walk through Enclave Park, or having a picnic beside the Duck Pond or Cottonwood Creek, there are so many experiences to be had in the great outdoors. Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of or hear the music from an Eastern Bluebird. As Woodside has been designated as a certified sanctuary for these birds, the rare species is a common sight in the community.

In the town of Aiken, there’s plenty to do, from dining at eclectic restaurants and shopping at quaint stores to visiting some of the wonderful visual art galleries or seeing a ballet or theatre performance. With several yearly arts festivals—including Aikin’s Makin’, a fall showcase of local art, and Juilliard in Aiken, a week in the spring when Julliard students and faculty perform in Aiken—resident of Aiken have access to the fine arts year-round.

With all of these phenomenal amenities and activities in the area, it is a wonder that the cost of living in Aiken is so low. As the Southeast continues to be one of the least expensive areas in the country to live and South Carolina has been ranked among the ten best states for property taxes, it is no wonder that Aiken is so popular. Plus, it’s 40% less costly to live in Aiken than other popular retiree destinations, including coastal and mountainous North and South Carolina.

Woodside Plantation is a more than just a beautiful community. It’s a community committed to wellness, devoted to protecting and delighting in nature, and involved in the arts. And it’s inexpensive as well! What more could you want? Woodside Plantation has it all.

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