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El Limon waterfall, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic: Paradise Awaits

The Dominican Republic: Paradise Awaits

Sunrise, Bavaro, Dominican RepublicIf you’ve ever imagined being able to live in paradise, then look no further than the Dominican Republic. Retiring there, you will find a budget of only two thousand dollars a month will mean you can live a life of luxury in one of may Dominican Republic Retirement Communities.

There are lots of great reasons to retire to the Dominican Republic, including a special incentives law for retirees that was passed in 2007, which includes benefits like tax-free importation of your household goods and 50% off any annual real estate taxes. Another amazing thing is that you don’t even need to be of “retirement” age to benefit from these perks (such as the exemption of taxes on real estate transfers and the exemption of motor vehicle taxes). All you need to qualify for these benefits and exemptions is a stable source of income (such as a government pension, private pension or annuity or independent income from investments) of at least two thousand dollars a month. No age minimum is required.

If you want more reasons than that to retire to the Dominican Republic, look no further than the communities of Iberostate Bavaro and Playa Nueva Romana. Iberostate, located in Playa Bavaro, is one of the top International Retirement Communities, offering dream properties such as villas with up to five rooms, avant-garde design and unbelievable comfort. Iberostate is located within a 5-star golf course and surround by half a mile of white, sandy beaches. Three-quarters of the residential area of Iberostate is green-space, to not only support the environment, but also give residents a taste of the natural beauty of the Dominican.

Playa Nueva Romana is equally as appealing, with a great range of properties to choose from: luxury villas, modern apartments near the marina, lots, and diverse residential areas. Not to mention the large expanse of tropical forest to admire, two great golf courses, plenty of shopping and much more. It is a community where you can indulge not only in luxury living, but in the beauty living in this tropical paradise.

Looking out over the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, you can enjoy a round of golf or a relaxing beach read. Since temperatures in the Dominican Republic average at 79 degrees, you’ll never be uncomfortable. Even the hottest month, August, only gets up to around 86 degrees: perfectly temperate! In addition, the Dominican Republic is safe and easy to travel to and through.

El Limon WaterfallIf you’re looking to travel around the Dominican, the neighboring provinces offer beauty waterfalls and and islands. To the northeast lays Samana Peninsula and the Limon waterfall. To the southeast you will find the Saona Island, a green, tropical heaven.

Overall, the Dominican Republic boasts over one thousand miles of pristine sandy beaches, as well as flourishing valleys and long, meandering rivers inland. Not only is the Dominican Republic an island paradise, but there are very few tourists who know about the glories of the beaches of Bavaro and Punta Cana or the rolling hills of La Romana. This tucked away Caribbean paradise is waiting just for you!

So if you’re on a budget, but still want all the glamor, beauty, and relaxation of retirement, you should look no further than the sandy shores and blue waters of the Dominican Republic.

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