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Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Fitness ClassMany women don’t realize how much strength training can really help them stay in top physical shape. For those of you who are living in very active adult communities should know how much a few simple workouts can help keep your body in tip top shape.

First off strength training is essential to keep your metabolism healthy and strong. As women age they begin to lose muscle mass, which with time slows down their metabolism. However, when you start weight training your metabolism begins to rev back up, which keeps burning for hours after you finish your workout. A better metabolism means your body is absorbing and using energy more efficiently than when you have a slow metabolism. The more you strength train the stronger and faster your metabolism becomes, which burns the fats and sugars you ingest. Also, if you have been strengthening your muscles then the muscle mass is still actively burning calories even when you’re relaxing.

While building muscle is great for your physical appearance—muscle tissue is much tighter than fat tissue, keeping your body more defined—that isn’t all it is good for. It is also great for strengthening your heart, and can really help in fighting off type 2 diabetes. Strength training toughens your arteries, which makes for a very healthy heart. Muscle strengthening also helps remove more glucose and triglycerides from your blood stream, which significantly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Not to mention strength straining helps lower your blood pressure for up to 12 hours after each workout, which can really give your heart a break. Be good to your muscles!

If you haven’t already been swayed by all of the health benefits above, you will be sure to soon. Plyometrics, which is simply the exertion of your muscles at maximum strength in as short a time as possible, absolutely blasts off your heart rate, which boost the calorie burning by combining cardio with strength training. This not only helps by burning calories, but studies have shown that strength-training can also help fight age-related bone loss. If you live in a family friendly neighborhood or have escaped and have found one of the best places to retire in beautiful solitude, there is no reason not to stay in great shape and keep your body ticking like the youngsters, all it takes is a little work and you will begin to feel the healthy effects.

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