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National Peach Ice Cream Day this Sunday!

National Peach Ice Cream Day

By Hunter Houtzer

peachesWith its Spanish moss-laden trees, pecan orchards, and red clay, Georgia has an abundance of spectacular views that speak to the heart. There’s something homey about Georgia with its slow, warm days and cool, cricket filled nights. Southern hospitality is a way of life here with wide, welcoming porches and sweet tea on the countertops. Still, no asset of Georgia’s can rival what they are best known for: good, old-fashioned, home-grown food.

Perhaps it’s a mixture of the sunny climate and the tender care of farmers that keeps the fruits and vegetables tasting richer than any grocery store could provide. Or perhaps it’s simply Georgia’s charm. Above all else, Georgia’s peaches reign supreme. And in the summer, it’s peach ice cream that’s the go-to lifesaver during the hot days of July.

600_400PeachicreamJuly 17th is National Peach Ice Cream Day, and the best way to celebrate is to be in the state that’s famous for its sweet, juicy, ripe peaches. The small, fuzzy fruit is at its peak during July with farmer’s stands and markets bursting with baskets of them. Southern cooks are all too familiar with the old-fashioned churning involved in turning these baskets of peaches into cold, refreshing ice cream. Local diners capitalize on this time of the year by providing their customers with homemade peach ice cream. They believe it’s wrong to eat peach ice cream made any other way than by hand.

For the ideal-LIVING communities located in Georgia, this mentality persists all year long: homemade over store bought, old-fashioned consistency over modern convenience. Georgian retirement communities are known for their authentic Southern lifestyle, which includes delicious, relaxing meals with homemade culinary delights. Places like Soleil Laurel Canyon in the foothills of Georgia, WaterWays Township and Osprey Cove nestled in lovely Savannah, and Reynolds Lake Oconee, all provide a home in a special place where quality is cherished over quantity.

So on July 17th (or any day when the mood strikes), take a moment to eat peach ice cream and reflect on where the best peaches are grown, and remember Georgia’ farmers and how they take their time to provide people with the best product possible. And if you’ve already found yourself in Georgia, run to the nearest farmer’s stand and purchase a whole basket of peaches to enjoy for the rest of the summer—in ice cream form or not.

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