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Mother’s Day

The Ideal Gift – A Mother’s Day to Remember

By: Hunter Houtzer

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 10th, and until recently, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to get my mother. Maybe there are some sons and daughters who don’t have this issue. Maybe they’re the kind of person who plans months in advance, orders a gift with enough time for standard shipping, and somehow manages to find the perfect card (not too sappy, not too comical). I’m not one of those people.

My mother asks for very little on Mother’s Day, which throws me into a tailspin every year. She doesn’t wear fancy, brightly colored rings or burn exotic smelling candles, and she has every cooking appliance known to man (our default gift, of course). When I ask what it is she desires the most, time and time again she says all she wants is her children near, and a delicious meal. She wants the memory of a nice day. Though honestly, with three kids in different towns, the candles would be a much easier buy.

My sister and I have decided to create a special memory for her: we’re all going on an adventure. My mother will be forced to pack her bags, pull her spring dresses from the back of her closet, and sit shotgun on an old-fashioned road trip. We’ve even brought out the old, worn roadmaps from the ancient truck in our backyard to help us wind our way slowly down the coast.

My mother grew up in Georgia and speaks of it like an old friend: the sights of pecan orchards, the smell of peach cobbler, and the undeniable warmth of the South. That’s why we’re taking our mother to her ideal destination: Savannah, Georgia.

My sister and I have decided there’s no better gift for any mother on Mother’s Day—traveling together is the ultimate treat. It’s the best way to make lifelong memories and discover uncharted territory. Whether you head for tropical, Floridian resorts, historic, small towns, or the banks of muddy, fast-flowing rivers, there are so many destinations to explore. (Many of these places have already been found and featured in ideal-LIVING’s Community articles.) The season is right: not too hot, not too cold, and the flowers are in full bloom.

For the first time in years, I’m confident in my Mother’s Day gift. My mother will spend a day with her children creating memories, and enjoying the open road and new experiences. It’s sure to be a Mother’s Day none of us will soon forget. Cheers to all mothers for all the beauty, wanderlust, and goodness they add to the world.

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