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Culinary Artistry – Belfair Plantation

Best Places to Retire - Belfair Plantation - South Carolina CommunitiesChef Bruce Christensen

Belfair Plantation

Numerous Awards and Medals for ACF Culinary Competitions

How would you best describe your creations?

I like to keep it simple by maintaining the integrity of the ingredients I work with.  Don’t over-season it, don’t overcook it, don’t overthink it.

What about your geographic region inspires you?

I originate from the Midwest so it was quite a culture change to move to the Lowcountry. After establishing relationships with local farmers and fishermen, it is definitely the “next-day” quality and freshness of the indigenous ingredients like oysters, blue crabs, swordfish, grouper and shrimp that I find most inspiring.

What is your favorite local ingredient?

Hands down the oysters from the May River. I had never been a big fan of oysters, especially raw oysters, but since arriving in the Lowcountry and attending my first oyster roast I’ve become a convert. You will find May River oysters on my menus during the entire oyster season.

Culinary Arts - Belfair Plantaiton - South Carolina CommunitiesHow has dining in your club changed over the last five years?

As with most private clubs, the trend to go more casual has been the biggest change. Our menu now consists of more “small plates” and salads than entrées.

What is your favorite aspect of creating food for your club?

Two things: the culinary staff are all involved in the creative process so that produces a high level of positive energy for everyone and our members are very adventurous and willing to try most things.

What is your favorite comfort food?

My last meal on earth would be braised American lamb shank with pan gravy and new potatoes, parsnips and carrots cooked in the broth with the lamb.

In your opinion, what is the most underrated ingredient?

The term “trash fish” is used a lot. It is actually the by-catch of fishermen who end up with a small amount of fish other than what they set out to catch. Several species like the spiny dogfish, hake, pollock and mackerel are a few that may not sound very sexy but are wonderful to eat.

Do you have any tips for preparing a meal for two?

Whether preparing for two or 12 always work with the freshest ingredients, don’t be intimidated by recipes and most of all, enjoy yourself. A glass of wine never hurts either.

What do you eat at home?

Truthfully, my wife prepares all of our meals at home and since she is a vegan, then so am I (at least at home). She’s a very talented chef so it is no sacrifice on my part!

Belfair Plantation

Belfair Plantation - South Carolina Communities - Lowcountry - Savannah GABelfair is a private golf club community located in the heart of the South Carolina Lowcountry – just minutes to Hilton Head Island, Beaufort and Savannah, Georgia. This vibrant community features two Championship Fazio Courses,
29-acre Golf Learning Center, 36,000-square-foot Clubhouse with world-class cuisine, Fitness and Sports Center, Indoor and Outdoor Pools, 1-acre Dog Park and a vibrant social calendar.  For more information on booking
a Discovery Package, please visit

Beef and Mushroom Roulade with Horseradish & Mustard Beurre Blanc

Beef Roulade:

1 lb.     Beef Ribeye Cap Muscle
T.T.      Salt and Pepper
5 pcs.  Parma Ham

Mushroom Farce:

1 oz.    Clarified Butter
6 oz.    Button Mushrooms, chopped
2 T.      Shallots, chopped
2 t.       Garlic, chopped
1 oz.    Carrot, brunoise
1 T.      Fine Herbs, chopped
2 oz.    Chicken Stock
2 oz.    White Wine
T.T.      Salt and Pepper

  1. Heat butter and sauté mushrooms, shallots, garlic and carrot together until soft.
  2. Add herbs, stock and wine and cook until reduced and almost dry. Season with salt & pepper and cool.
  3. Season beef with salt & pepper, spread mushroom farce over beef and roll into a roulade.
  4. Cover the outside of the roulade with the ham and truss with butchers twine.
  5. Roast in 350 degree oven to 110 degrees internal temp.
  6. Hold warm for service. Allow to rest 10-15 minutes.


1 oz.    Clarified Butter
1 T.      Shallots, chopped
2 T.      Horseradish
1 T.      Whole Grain Mustard
5 oz.    White Wine
1 t.       Tarragon, chopped
4 oz.    Whole Butter
T.T.      Salt and Pepper

  1. Heat clarified butter and sauté shallots
  2. Add horseradish, mustard, wine and tarragon and reduce until almost dry.
  3. Remove from heat and swirl in whole butter a little at a time.
  4. Season with salt & pepper, strain and hold for service.

At time of service, untie the roulade and carefully slice into twelve even pieces for plating.
This recipe works excellent with bleu cheese whipped potatoes and carrots glace.

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