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Countdown to Christmas: Creative Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas: Creative Advent Calendars

Holidays12_3AdventCalendarNeed a more festive way to mark the days off your calendar until Christmas other than the traditional “X” across the date box? Here are some ideas that will leave you entertained, and with something to look forward to each day as you anticipate the arrival of Christmas.

Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Decorate an old mason jar, or even a new one, with cheerful ribbons or bows. Fill it with 24 gift tags that have suggestions on the back for something fun to do that day. For instance, rather than hurrying to wrap your gifts all at once, you could wrap one every day until Christmas, taking extra care to make each of them special. Or, your tags may include suggestions for specific days of shopping, Christmas caroling, having lunch with an old friend, or picnicking in front of the tree. Be creative. You just might surprise yourself!

Baby Bootie Advent Calendar

Along a mantel piece or beneath a counter, string a colorful holiday ribbon from one end to the other. Line it with clothespins that are numbered from one to twenty four. Attach a bright assortment of baby booties from each pin, and fill the booties with small tokens or gifts. For you and your spouse, each of you would wrap a gift for the other and label it accordingly, with the gifts occupying a single bootie representing that day. Again, be creative. As you count down the days to Christmas, you’ll always have a surprise awaiting you in your stocking!

Christmas Calendar of Photographs

Take out your camera and start shooting. Each day of December up to the 25th, decide on a special subject to photograph, and then gather them in an album labeled for the occasion. You might capture the image of a house in your neighborhood beautifully decorated for the holiday, or a photo of you and your spouse in front of the tree. You could visit the mall and snap a picture of a lovely Christmas display, or even one of your own grandchildren sitting on Santa’s lap. Make sure the photos have meaning for you and your family. You will cherish the memories for years to come!

Thought-Provoking Advent Calendar

Each day before Christmas, find something you already have that holds special meaning for you and/or your spouse and family. Place the item on a mantel piece or counter, and reflect on its significance as you go about your day. Try to evoke the same sentiments it inspired when you first received it, and think about what it has represented in your life. On December 25th, you will have new memories to add to the treasure trove you already possess!

With these ideas and a little holiday spirit and creativity, you can begin a new tradition to be enjoyed each December, and during other months, as well. Either use these suggestions, or personalize them according to your own style or preferences. Then, let the countdown begin!

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