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The Benefits of Salt and the Sea

The Benefits of Salt and the Sea

474146047 (640x427)The warm ocean breeze, the salty sea air, the sound of the ocean waves rolling onto the shore—that’s what daily life near the coast is like. The relaxation the beach and coastal area carry are just one of the benefits that bring retirees to the East Coast Shores.

However, recent studies have shown living near the beach may be beneficial to seniors in other ways as well. Researchers in the U.K. have recently discovered that taking salt baths helps relieve the pain of arthritis. The research shows that anything that contains salt—from your common table salt to saline solutions will help reduce inflammation of the joints, and thus the pain that occurs with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

And where better than the beach to find plenty of salt? Two really great activities for those with RA to do at the beach: swim or surf. Along with the benefit of reducing joint pain, being active helps strengthen the muscles, which help support the joints—taking stress off of them, while reducing pain and wear and tear. Another great advantage of salt water: it’s a great skin exfoliate.

Even if you don’t live close to the ocean, you can still enjoy the health benefits of sea salt.. Take a salt water bath. Not only will the salt and water relieve joint pain, the steam from the warm water will as well. It’s also nice to enjoy a relaxing bath once and while, for stress relief. Take some time, soak, and read a book, while your aches and pains drift away.

Sea salt is really easy to buy. It is available at most grocery stores, natural food stores, or cosmetic shops. If you want specialty sea salts many online stores offer different varieties. Salons and spas often sell sea salts, too. Although sea salt is becoming more readily available for purchase, it is still more costly than table salt.

You can also try using sea salt instead of table salt in your foods. Grocery stores are beginning to offer sea salt options—chips, popcorn, and pumpkin seeds are a few foods to try. You can also try new recipes, replacing table salt with sea salt. Whole Foods offers their customers sea salt alternative recipes to try. Sea salt really brings out the flavor of the foods you are cooking.

Using sea salt is better for you and the environment. Because it’s obtained from evaporating salt water, sea salt is less harsh on the environment than table salt. Sea salt is not processed, manufactured, and is left with trace amounts of minerals in it. Minerals that are beneficial to your heart, mind, and body.

So, the next time you feel your RA flaring up, make sure to add more sea salt into your life by visiting the ocean, taking a sea salt bath, and eating sea salt rich foods. Make sure to stay active and hydrated. Know your body, and be aware of how it feels. You are your best defense against the inflammation and pain that RA incites. And the beach can help.


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