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Line-drying clothes will help keep you and your house cool.

Beat the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool

Beat the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool

Baby, it’s hot outside. Not just mid-July summer heat, but mid-July heat wave heat. With temperatures already near their max for this time of year, this wave is going to make it feel like we are seven inches from the sun. In other words, it is going to be hot!

While some of us would prefer to stand in front of the freezer all day, there are other things you can do to beat the heat. Leave those outside chores for when it cools down, and take this sultry weather as an opportunity to relax and find cool things to keep you as comfy as possible in the heat.

Line-drying clothes will help keep you and your house cool.Wearing the right clothes can be a big help when it comes to staying cool. Clothing made from moisture wicking fabric pulls the moisture away from your body, allowing you to feel cooler. There is a reason runners and athletes wear this type of clothing! Speaking of clothes, if you need to do some laundry, refrain from using the dryer. Instead, hang laundry outside to dry. It will not only cut down on the heat in your home, but will leave your clothes crisp and smelling great. The same can be said for the drying cycle on a dishwasher. Let dishes air dry, too.

Hopefully you will be inside somewhere that has working air conditioning. If not, plan to go to an air conditioned public building, like a library or shopping mall. While you will not be able to do much outdoors, at least you will be able to pass the time reading books or shopping, all while staying nice and cool. If you are just staying in the house, keep to the first floor. As we know, heat rises, and you will find it much cooler and more comfortable downstairs.

I am a fan of natural light, keeping my blinds and curtains open as long as possible until it gets dark enough that I have to turn on a lamp. But during a heat wave, it is best to keep blinds and curtains closed.  Just doing this will help reduce the amount of heat that can enter your home, helping to keep you cool. It is also best to keep lights off, or change the bulbs in them to more eco-friendly ones, which produce lower levels of energy and heat.

Spicy foods can help cool you off.Keeping cool can be as easy as going barefoot for the day. Letting your feet be free of socks and shoes will make you cooler than you think. When the sweat on your feet evaporates, it cools the skin and blood in your feet. This then allows your blood vessels to send blood to other parts of your body, giving you a greater sense of feeling cool. In a heat wave, sandals and flip flops are the way to go.

One of the most unexpected tips for staying cool—at least it was to me—is eating spicy foods. Whenever I have eaten buffalo wings, I break out in a little sweat. This is good! When we sweat, we cool down. So as surprising as it is, go ahead and load up on spicy foods like red chili peppers, jalapenos, and hot sauce. It will taste good, and it will cool you off.

No matter the method of staying cool, the important thing is that you do, especially during a heat wave. Hopefully, this one will pass quickly, and we can go back to enjoying the regular summer time heat.

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