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Are You Ready for Hammock Day?

Hammock Day
By Becky Eades

HammockImagine lying in a hammock enjoying beautiful views surrounding a glistening lake. Sounds like a perfect day, doesn’t it? Hammocks tend to be synonymous with summer, so it’s no wonder that there’s a day dedicated to hammocks right as the season hits its peak. July 22nd is officially Hammock Day, and we’ve come up with a few ideas on how to appropriately celebrate this day that’s meant for rest and relaxation.

While no one is quite sure about the origins of the holiday, thousands of people have never used that as a reason to skip the celebration. The first step to celebrating Hammock Day to its fullest is to make sure that you’re prepared with the appropriate hammock! The rules for this one aren’t too staunch so find a style that suits your personality. Are you spontaneous, traveling at a moment’s notice? Consider a hammock that’s lightweight and easy to pack up like this one. Or are you more of a traditionalist? If so, you can’t go wrong with a rope hammock, whether it’s attached between two trees or floating on its own stand. Of course, for those who want to fully embrace the bohemian vibe of the hammock, find one decked out with fringe and beads.

But no matter which type of hammock you choose, the most important part of Hammock Day is the hammock placement. The whole point of dedicating a day to one of the most relaxing summer activities is to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and start living the ideal life. That’s why, in our humble opinion, a lakeside hammock is the number one spot to spend Hammock Day.

Now we realize that for many, the beach reigns supreme when it comes to summer, but there’s something special about being surrounded by a lake environment. Maybe it’s the calm, cool waters or the evergreen canopy overhead bustling with birds. Maybe it’s the tree frogs’ echo at night or spending time with loved ones on a screened in porch, watching the moon’s reflection on the water’s surface. Regardless, lake life is the epitome of relaxation and when you add a hammock to the mix, you’ve got the perfect day.

But why spend just one day lakeside to celebrate the ideal life when you can make it a reality? There are over 50 Ideal Living communities that feature a lake as one of the main attractions. Consider the Falling Waters community in Georgia. Sitting just one hour north of Atlanta, not only do you get miles of hiking trails surrounded by beautiful mountain views, but the lakefront property is available complete with world-class fishing. Another community that conjures up the ideal lake life is the Vista community at Bill’s Mountain. With 800 sprawling acres located near the iconic Lake Lure, this community is one that quickly turns a weekend vacation into a forever stay. So feel free to pack a day bag and head to the nearest lake community to enjoy Hammock Day, but be forewarned, you may just end up moving there for good.

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