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Uplands Village – Personal Values First

Cumberland Plateau - FallVisions of retirement are as diverse as the backgrounds we come from, so choosing from the variety of Tennessee retirement communities isn’t always about the amenities. It’s important to choose a home that supports you in many ways: physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. If you’re looking for a new home that will only strengthen the life you’ve built for yourself, look no further than Uplands Village. Located on the Cumberland Plateau in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee, Uplands Village provides a community where “you will find yourself among people who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place.”

This retirement location has a strong relationship with the United Church of Christ, but encourages residents of all Christian faiths and background to join Uplands Village. Although the community is small with just over 300 people living here, the community vibe is enveloping. Here, retirement isn’t viewed as an ending of a stage, but the beginning of another, and residents cherish the idea that “retirement living can not only allow but expand opportunities to live lives of commitment in the service of others.”

Uplands Village began as a simple idea that fulfilled a need for the surrounding community. Dr. May Cravath Wharton, wife of Rev. Edwin Wharton, administered medical help to many residents in and outside of the Pleasant Hill region. She eventually went on to build a small hospital, found the Cumberland Medical Center and the Wharton Nursing Home. As an extension of the nursing home, many “independent living cottages” were built, which formed the basis of Uplands Village. To honor the “Doctor Woman of the Cumberlands,” Uplands Village pays homage to Dr. Wharton’s memory by keeping her values close at heart. And how can you not be inspired to do good in a landscape such as this!

While many retirees flock to the coast, there is something to be said for “clean mountain air, mild winters, easy summers, and stunningly beautiful springs and autumns.” Tucked into the hills of Tennessee, you’ll never be at a loss for outdoor activities. With fishing ponds and hiking trails galore, Uplands Village is an outdoorsman’s dream. There’s also a variety of less strenuous activities as well as organized sports and clubs. Here, you’ll be happy to find that no matter how diverse your interests are, you’ll find a friend that feels just the way you do.

Another great bonus about making the move to Uplands Village is quality of care. Even if you’re able to live independently, it’s helpful to know that the staff are well-trained for anything that could happen. They also offer long term and skilled nursing care, which is ideal for anyone who is considering downsizing, but concerned about the issues that the daily routine can present. And for those who are more independent, a variety of unique houses and living arrangements are offered. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind retirement experience that places personal values first, and one of the best places to retire in Tennessee, Uplands Village just might be your forever home.


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