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Friends drinking  together under the sun

Spring At Last

Spring is (Almost) Here

Slowly but surely we are on our way to warmer temperatures. Bring on the warm spring sunshine, flip flops and sand between our toes. And, let the freedom fly…for real.

Some of you may know that the first day of spring is also called the Spring Equinox. This is the one day of the year that the amount of light and darkness are equivalent. It’s revered as a day of balance and equality. One of the many myths about this day is that you can stand an egg up on its end. A timely symbol for turning our state of hibernation upside down and springing back to life.

Friends at LunchSpring is a time of renewal—of new beginnings. It’s time to celebrate many things. Gather your friends together and celebrate the Greek God, Dionysus, the God of fertility, poetry, wine, flowers, and theatre. Have a wine and cheese party in a flower decorated house. Get friends together to put on a little performance, or share some of your favorite poetry (e.e. cummings is an excellent writer of springtime poetry. William Wordsworth is another). is a great way to find interesting and fun spring poetry! Dance freely in your backyard, sing a song, do whatever lifts your spirits and makes you happy. After all, that’s what Dionysus wanted people to do: to live freely, and to become intoxicated with life. This is what Spring is all about.

Culinary Inspiration

You can also throw a Spring inspired supper. Make it a theme. Have everyone wear bright pastels or floral prints. Make your place settings Spring themed, too. A rose-folded napkin is a great addition to any Spring party. Create an interesting menu, containing festive foods. Try serving a spring salad, fresh fruit, spring rolls, or caviar (eggs are a sign of fertility) for appetizers. (Asparagus and mushrooms are also foods associated with spring). Fish is always a good choice to serve at a Spring Supper. And for the final touch: fruit parfaits or strawberry shortcake. You can even create a signature drink. A quick Google search will provide you with many options. If you can’t find something you want to try, serve Sangrias or Mojitos! If the breeze makes you chilly, try serving a Rose tea. Make your menu light, and make it fit you and your friends.

Paper Lanterns

Do it With Flowers

You can create an appealing atmosphere on your back porch or in your garden. Use the nature around you to inspire you and to create an inviting background. Make bouquets of spring flowers the centerpieces of your table. Tulips, lilies, and poppies are always a good option. These bouquets should have lots of color. Have fun creating them!


Don’t forget the three Rs! Always repurpose where you can. Use items from your spring cleaning as containers for your arrangements. Old pails and rain boots make cute, functional, and recycled centerpieces for everyone to enjoy. Hang up paper lanterns with pastel bulbs inside, or little twilight bulbs to represent the stars. You can release lanterns into the twilight air with wishes written on them—wishes you’d like to fulfill before the end of the year. You can light flower-scented candles. Just make sure that they don’t overpower your guests, or that the scents don’t compete with one another. You can release butterflies into the spring air. Make sure you feel the gentle breeze against your cheek; the quiet moments; and especially, your friends. Enjoy being together. The point of celebrating spring is just that, celebrate!

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