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Solutions For A Stress Free Home

Solutions For A Stress Free Home

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At St. James Plantation in Southport, NC, new homes come in all shapes and sizes.  While our homes should be a sanctuary and a place to relax and entertain, we often bring stresses into our homes in the form of physical and mental clutter.  Take the opportunity to reevaluate your life, from your possessions to your actions, and learn to create a stress free home environment.

Here are some tips for keeping a stress free home….

De-Stress Your Home

Best Places to Retire in North Carolina - St. James Plantation - Southport, NC - Destress Your Home tipsFor thousands of years, humans have recognized that the environment affects the mind. Some people even believe that the condition of your home is a reflection of the condition of your mind. This might be an oversimplification, but the recent popularity of embracing simplicity suggests that many people are finding value in at least some aspects of this idea.

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean spare minimalism, although it can if you prefer that style. Even if you prefer a cozy, lived-in look, you can achieve it without excess clutter.

Consider incorporating some ideas from feng shui into your home. This ancient Chinese philosophy aims to balance the energy flow in your home, inviting harmony and good fortune while banishing stress.  Just a few small feng shui inspired changes can have a big effect on your mood. The overall goal is to open up the feel of a room and create arrangements that evoke a sense of peace. Do this by:

  • Unblocking doorways: Blocked doorways interrupt the flow of chi.
  • Clearing out clutter: Clutter also blocks chi. Keep only items you really like or that have meaning for you.
  • Using light and mirrors to direct energy flow: Let light flow unimpeded through your home. If your windows don’t let in enough light, invest in a full-spectrum lamp.
  • Using either symmetrical or balanced arrangements: For symmetry, use paired items, like a set of matching chairs. For balance, arrange items, like pictures or collectibles, in groups of three, six or nine.
  • Using curves: If you’re remodeling, consider adding a spiral staircase or arched doorway. If not, try using a round or oval table, an oval mirror or artwork containing curves.
  • Using color: Color affects mood, so consider how you use a room when choosing a color palette. Blues, greens and pastels are quiet, peaceful colors. Energetic reds and oranges bring excitement to a room. If you’d rather not paint the walls blue, bring the color into the room with accent pieces like pillows, tablecloths or area rugs.

De-Stress Your Mind

North Carolina Coastal Communities - St. James Plantation - Southport, NC - Destress Your Home tipsMuch like clutter in the house blocks the flow of chi, clutter in your mind results in stress-inducing incidents like missed deadlines and lost keys. Create routines and systems to organize your mind and free it from the clutter.

  • Write everything down: If you’ve heard this advice many times before, it’s because it works. Lists allow you to focus on getting tasks done instead of trying to remember what those tasks are. It doesn’t matter if it’s paper or electronic, just keep a list.
  • Plan each day the night before: Mornings can be hectic, so pick clothes, pack backpacks and make lunches in the evening. Put everything you need to take with you by the door so you can’t forget it.
  • Create a bill-paying center: Have a folder or drawer designated for everything bill-related, and stock it with stamps, envelopes, a pen, your checkbook and any online payment information you need. As soon as a bill comes in, put it here. If you receive bills electronically, keep a sheet of paper where you note the company, amount due and due date. Set up a payment schedule that suits you, and note the dates on your calendar.
  • Have a filing system: Either file important papers immediately or have an inbox that you clear out at least weekly.

Finding the de-stressors that suit you best can take time, so don’t be afraid to try something different if your first attempts don’t work.  Also, despite our best efforts, clutter has a way of creeping back into our lives, so every six months or so, take a hard look at your home and routines, and purge any new clutter.

We hope some of these solutions for a stress free home are helpful to you!  If you’d like more information on St. James Plantation and our real estate opportunities, please call (800)245-3871 or email us today.

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