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Road Trip Down I-95

Best Places to Retire - Road Trip - Interstate 95Whether you are driving North to South, or South to North, taking I-95 along the East coast is a nice long trip filled with lots of opportunities. Exploring the areas you’re interested in while on a road trip might help you decide just where you’d like to relocate or retire. You will get a nice taste of the entire East coast alone the way, too.

Starting in New England you’ll head south along winding roads in Connecticut, just miles from the coast. It won’t be long until you will be cruising through Providence, Rhode Island, the second largest city in the New England region. If you are a coffee drinker, make a pit stop at a local coffee shop; Providence has more coffee shops per capita then any other city in the country. After continuing through the beautiful New England Region of I-95 you will cross over into New York, where your options for site-seeing seem endless. From the beautiful mountains of upstate New York to the hustle and bustle of New York City, there are plenty of stops along this section of the trip to entertain even the most unique of travelers.

The further south you go, the deeper you get into farm country. Cruising first through the crowds and traffic of the Jersey Shore before you cut into the Pennsylvania portion of I-95 and are swept right back into Delaware. Though this part of I-95 has tolls along the way, it’s still a fantastic adventure. Once you are in Delaware slow the car down and take in the farm country. Large beautiful farm houses that have been passed on through families for hundreds of years sit out in large fields and are breathtaking to look at. The setting here is a nice contrast to the parts of I-95 you drove through earlier.

One of my personal favorite stops along the I-95 journey is in our Nation’s capital, the beautiful Washington D.C. The sights and sounds you will be able to take in here are unlike anywhere else in the country. Take advantage of the drive and park long enough to see the Washington Monument, The White House, The National History Museum, and once you are back on the road, catch a glimpse of the Pentagon as you drive by it.

After D.C., you will find yourself in the lush green mountains of Virginia, and soon after, the rolling hills of the Carolina’s. While I-95 does wind through North Carolina, it swerves away from the coast and cuts through the heart of the state. If seeing the beautiful beaches along this piece of the drive is on your list, there are plenty of chances to take side roads out to the spectacular Carolina coastline. Admire the sand dunes along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or enjoy the decadent history of Charleston, South Carolina.

As your drive further south, the warmer temperatures will surely start becoming more noticeable. I-95 continues through Georgia and the swampy coastline before running right into the Sunshine State. As you drive through the most south-eastern state, roll your window down and enjoy the warmth. I-95 will take you towards Miami, Florida, where you can explore the coastal city, and relax on the beach—a pretty nice way to end the drive down 95. But if you wish to go beyond Miami, I-95 gones on a little farther before it ends—but other roads pick up where 95 stops, and can lead you to the beautiful Florida Keyes.

Whether you are heading North or South, put your car in cruise control, go slow, and take it all in. There is a variety of culture, wilderness, and entertainment to take in the entire drive, and it’s the perfect way to have a more personal experience with all the ideal destinations along the way.

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