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Your Results with ideal-LIVING Digital

Your community, , has received 353 leads over the past year. Your community page has been visited times and people have clicked to your website from ideal-LIVING times.

The Quarter in review

We are delighted to present our quarter-end report, showcasing the significant milestones achieved and the positive trends observed in the period from October 1st to December 1st.

  • Website Engagement: Our online presence continued to thrive with an impressive influx of more than 294,000 visitors to the ideal-LIVING website. Notably, 187,000 of these visitors were new, indicating a growing interest in our offerings. Collectively, these visitors explored a remarkable +481,000 pages on our website, underscoring the engaging and informative content we provide.
  • Community and Discovery Tour Requests: During this quarter, we received an overwhelming response from prospective clients, with over 5,500 community and discovery tour requests. This heightened interest is a testament to the appeal of our lifestyle offerings and the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives.
  • Buyer Mobility: Our buyers are embracing change and mobility, with a total of 9,651 National Change of Address (NCOA) moves within the country. Among these moves, 6,785 were state-to-state relocations, reflecting a willingness among our clientele to explore new horizons. Additionally, 2,866 moves occurred within the same state, highlighting the attractiveness of our diverse range of locations.

These achievements underscore the success of our marketing strategies, the appeal of our communities, and the overall positive trajectory of ideal-LIVING. We remain committed to providing exceptional experiences and helping our clients find their ideal living spaces.

Things to See with ideal-LIVING in the First Quarter of 2024

Embark on a journey of possibilities with ideal-LIVING in the upcoming months. Here's a glimpse of what to anticipate:

  • The ideal-LIVING Real Estate Shows: Immerse yourself in the excitement of five live events scheduled for January and February. As winter's chill prompts a quest for the perfect home, thousands of attendees will be seeking their ideal living space.
  • Ideal-LIVING Digital Evolution: Brace yourself for thrilling developments in 2024! Our digital strategies are undergoing a transformation, promising stronger calls to action that seamlessly guide audiences towards conversion. If you've explored ideal-LIVING.com recently, you may have caught a glimpse of these changes on the main page. In 2024, we're dedicated to refining the end-user experience, ensuring that every interaction serves as a catalyst for potential home buyers for your community. Here's a sneak peek at some of the enhancements to look forward to:
    • Enhanced search functionality
    • Improved visual experience
    • More detailed information about your community's location
    • Community Comparison tools


This report is strictly privileged and confidential and is only intended to be used exclusively by Dogwood Park®. Under no circumstances should this report or information contained therein be distributed, reprinted or reproduced in any form without the written consent of the ideal-LIVING and RPI Media, LLC.