Your Results with ideal-LIVING Digital

Your community, , has received 353 leads over the past year. Your community page has been visited times and people have clicked to your website from ideal-LIVING times.

Things to See with ideal-LIVING in the First Quarter of 2024

The ideal-LIVING Real Estate Shows: We have five live events to be held this January and February as the cold weather prompts thousands of attendees to find their ideal home.

Ideal-LIVING Digital: Exciting enhancements await in 2024! Our digital strategies are evolving this year to deliver stronger calls to action, seamlessly guiding audiences toward conversion. You may have seen some of these changes on the main page of ideal-LIVING.com. We are refining our end-user experience, so every interaction encourages conversions to potential home buyers for your community. Here are just some of the things we are improving in 2024.

  • Better search functionality
  • An improved visual experience
  • More detailed information about the location of your community
  • Community Comparison tools


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