Things to Remember When You Are Ready to Relocate

Relocating can be a life-changing decision, offering the opportunity to enhance your current lifestyle significantly. Whether it's escaping high-tax states, seeking warmer winters, or finding a better quality of life, the process requires patience and careful consideration. The options are diverse, from choosing between building your dream home or purchasing an existing one to exploring amenities like golf, pickleball, or walking trails in planned communities. Furthermore, access to quality medical care and social clubs in these communities can make the transition smoother and more fulfilling. Decluttering before the move and considering furniture that complements your new space will also add to the positive experience. With the flexibility of remote work, relocating can provide a chance to live your ideal life earlier than planned. Embrace the excitement of change and take the leap towards a brighter future.

1 - Patience is a Virtue

The process of relocating requires an abundance of patience. Finding that perfect spot might happen right away, or you may have to visit multiple locations before you get that gut feeling that you’re in the right place. And, if you find it, be prepared to leap into action.

2 - Lower Your Taxes

The number one reason people are seeking to relocate is to escape high-tax states. Depending on where you relocate to, your tax savings alone may be able to fund your new lifestyle. Explore income taxes, property taxes, pension taxes, etc., to find the state that's right for you.

3 - Warmer Winters

Tired of shoveling snow? You are not alone. The other top reason that people are relocating is to seek warmer winters. Do you want warm year-round weather, or would you like to see a change of seasons?

4 - Build or Buy

If you are looking to move right away, you might want to purchase an existing home. However, if this will be your forever home, you might want to build a custom home with everything you desire. If you want to create your ideal home, it might take anywhere from nine to 18 months.

5 - Quality Medical Care

At some point, we are all going to need quality healthcare. If you have had the same doctors for years, it’s sometimes challenging to think about finding new physicians. If you purchase in a planned community, many have a wide selection of specialized medical care within a short drive or even a walk.

6 - Golf? Pickleball? Kayak?

When you retire, you are given the gift of time. How do you want to spend your time? Make a list of the things you would like to do. Categorize them as a must-have, nice to have, or not so important. Compare communities based on how you will spend your time.

7 - Good People

When you relocate to a planned amenity community, the people there are just like you - from somewhere else. They are eager to meet new residents. It is exceptionally easy to make new friends. Social Clubs help you make friends with similar interests. Meet the people who live there before you make your final decision.

8 - Waterviews

Water soothes the soul, and retirees often seek properties with water views, whether on the waterway, lake, or river. It’s a good idea to check out the floodplain maps before you purchase.

9 - Walkability

The top requested amenity is walking trails. Most planned amenity communities have incorporated trails that allow easy access to amenities.

10 - Declutter Before You Move

Real estate agents will encourage you to declutter your home before you sell. However, it is just as important to declutter before you move. You don’t want to pay to move 20 years’ worth of financial records or clothes you haven’t worn in 10 years.

11 - Furniture

Do you want to bring your existing furniture to your new home? Will your current style align with your new home? Many people bring a few pieces and then purchase furniture to fit their new home style.

12 - To Work or Not to Work?

Working from home has never been easier. You might want to consider relocating before you retire so you can live your ideal life earlier than planned. Also, many people choose to work part-time in a new location.