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It’s National Golf Month!

It’s National Golf Month!

National Golf Month_AugustAugust is National Golf Month for the United States, giving men and women everywhere even more of an excuse to get out of the office, enjoy the clean air, and hit the green. After all, it only makes sense that National Golf Month would lie in the hot and humid month of August—as golf balls travel significantly further on hot days. A golfer with a club swing of 100 mph will carry the driver up to eight yards longer for each increase in air temperature of 25 degrees. (As if more of an excuse was necessary.)

Golf is, of course, only becoming more and more popular as a sport that all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re three years old with a loose grip on hand-eye coordination and an even worse grip on motor skills, or a gracefully aging senior with spine troubles—the basics of golf can be acquired and bettered upon with practice. Because of this, golf is the perfect sport for families of all kinds. It teaches children sportsmanship and etiquette, while allowing for their parents to partake in something that is simply a lot of fun. In a modern world where television and internet dominate the most relaxing parts of the day and are a popular stand-in for family-bonding time—golf allows for something deeper. While enjoying nature, green grass and chirping birds, it is possible to grow both better at an immensely popular and well-regarded sport as well as closer as a family unit.

This flexibility is why, it seems, more and more golf courses are cropping up around big and small cities alike. Championship golf courses, large greens, and specially designed courses, are now within traveling distance for most golfers who feel the urge to fit eighteen holes into their busy schedules.

National Golf Month allows for a celebration of a traditional sport in the heat of the summer. It’s the perfect way to finally get motivated to pack up the whole family to hit a few holes.

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