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Logan Homes: Building Luxury

Two story house exterior at Logan Homes in Leland, North CarolinaD. Logan, President and owner of Logan Homes, has been in the business of building strongly desirable homes for nearly thirty years. Starting out as a young carpenter’s apprentice, Mr. Logan learned his way from the ground up as he started building all types of luxury homes, and later, communities in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender Counties. His company, Logan Homes, is known for having the largest satisfaction rating in all of North Carolina, and there is obviously a reason for this large percentage of satisfied customers.

The number of awards Logan Homes has earned is vast, and the reasons are clear and evident. With tremendous grace and style, this family of homebuilders has mastered the art of building the exact home each customer desires, for a price that is just as incredible. Logan Homes managed to survive the heavy ups and downs of the economic depression and are always able to keep their prices as competitive as they come, using not only the best materials and products, but also the most experienced and dedicated team a homebuilder could ask for. Not only do they serve you with the support of a family, they also serve with an outright respect of the planet, utilizing the best practices in energy conservation as well as job site recycling, waste reduction, and optimized use of natural resources.

While in the search for a new home, or the right company to build one, a lot of families get held up on whom they should choose for help. What makes Logan Homes the right choice, or a better choice than their competitors? The answer seems to be simple; they refuse to leave their customers hanging. They know that word of mouth is how a company can make it or break it. By keeping their buyers’ trust from week to week during their builds, Logan Homes is sure to keep everyone in their family, and in yours from ever stressing.

This year the company was nominated as one of the only two builders for 2014 Ideal Living Homes. Logan Homes will have the chance to work on an incredible project with Brunswick Forest to build a dreamy Ideal Living Home, that will surely be a must-see! If you are interested in a new home in the area then Logan Homes is an amazing place to start, they definitely won’t let you down!

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