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Kingsmill on the James – Virginia Gated Communities - Aerial view of boating

Kingsmill: Every Day is a Vacation

Kingsmill: Every Day Is a Vacation

By Bethany Tap

Located in an historic Virginia area, close to Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg, lies Kingsmill on the James. This gated residential and resort community stretches along more than three miles of the James River, a majestic waterway perfect for boating and fishing or just enjoying lovely views along the shore.

John and Damarius Williams lived in another Williamsburg neighborhood, but moved away for a time and came back to live in Kingsmill. Now, Damarius says, “I would not live in any other neighborhood in Williamsburg.” And when asked why, she says that living in Kingsmill “is like being on vacation 365 days a year.” What more could you ask for?

Another couple, Dick and Susie Hodgson, lived in Williamsburg 28 years ago and moved back to the area about a year and a half ago after downsizing from a farm in Charlottesville, Virginia. They rented for a year and have recently purchased a home. Susie says that, while her husband still works as an attorney, the couple is “enjoying slowing down a bit” and Kingsmill is a great place to do it.

Still, Susie looks forward to getting more and more involved in the Kingsmill community, as she and her husband adjust to moving and home ownership again. Susie appreciated all of the options available to her at Kingsmill. They decided to buy a townhouse. “We’ve really downsized, but it’s wonderful,” Susie expresses. She and her husband have joined the Kingsmill Yacht Club, which allows them to go on cruises on the water. Susie loves the proximity to the water at Kingsmill and recommends the James Landing Grille for its great seafood and scenic views over the James River. As one of the top Virginia gated communities, Kingsmill will not let you be bored.

TKingsmill on the James – Virginia Gated Communities - Aerial view of boatinghe Hodgsons enjoy antiquing and appreciate the history of the Williamsburg area. Kingsmill is named for the first landowner in the area, Richard Kingsmill. In 1736, a plantation was erected in his name, the outbuildings of which still stand nearby a prehistoric Native American campground. Susie recommends the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum in Williamsburg. It is one of Colonial Williamsburg’s premier attractions.

As Damarius Williams says, “the location is ideal.” And there’s plenty to do, from joining book clubs, bridge and mahjong clubs, to golfing on three different courses, to relaxing at the spa, there is “something for everybody,” Damarius proclaims, adding that “it is a rare day that goes by when someone doesn’t say: don’t we live in a lovely community.”

There are hiking and biking trails in and around the community. Damarius and her husband like to bike the Colonial Parkway, which runs through Williamsburg, from Jamestown all the way to Yorktown. There is also the Capital Trail, connecting Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Richmond, which is easy to access from Kingsmill.

“You come in the gate and it’s like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders, it’s so lovely,” Damarius goes on. One of the main things that both she and Susie Hodgson love about Kingsmill is the people, young and old. From friendly retiree neighbors to polite and sweet kids and teens, everyone seems to get along. Damarius describes Kingsmill as a “resort surrounded by community.”

And there is so much to do within that community; “you don’t have to go outside the gate,” Damarius says. Her days go fast, including golf three times a week. As a former librarian, she also helps run a book club. “I can’t say enough good things about Kingsmill,” Damarius praises, “I can’t, I really can’t.”

So from the lips of residents, you see that Kingsmill on the James is quite possibly the perfect community in a perfect location. It has history and art, activities galore, scenic river views, and friendly neighbors. Every day is a vacation at Kingsmill. And you don’t want to miss out!

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