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Jasper Highlands: Taking Care of You

Jasper Highlands: Taking Care of You

Jasper Highlands ChairsWhen Claudia Lankford and her fiancé, Larry, were looking to purchase land and build their ideal home together, they had some stipulations. Living on a fifteen-acre ranch in Texas, they wanted a new place with four seasons, away from the Texas heat, with a view and privacy. They purchased fourteen acres in the country town of Kimball, Tennessee on the bluffs of Jasper Mountain. An hour and a half from Nashville, the area may seem like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but it’s part of the gated development, Jasper Highlands, and according to Claudia, is definitely “in the middle of somewhere.”

Jasper Highlands is a turn-key company. They take care of everything from house plans to builders and designers. They will “answer any question…make available any thing you need,” Claudia says, and that’s exactly what she was looking for in a community. While she and her fiancé had visited the area before purchasing, most of the details of the exchange were done long-distance. Back in Texas, the couple hasn’t felt lost in the process of purchasing property and beginning to build their million-dollar home. In fact, Claudia described the process as easy and the team at Jasper Highlands as “excellent, down-to-earth people.”

Jasper Highlands HouseClaudia describes Jasper Highlands as sophisticated. She and Larry are building a million-dollar home, and in return, she says, Jasper Highlands is “supplying million-dollar amenities.” From a gathering pavilion with fireplace to a helicopter pad on site in case of emergency, Jasper Highlands has everything including spectacular mountain views.

“The company is taking care of you,” Claudia insists, describing the developer as “in it for the long run.” They aren’t out-of-state investors, but committed to the area, which is only twenty-five minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee, recently voted as a top mid-sized city in America and a great walking city. Plus, the area around South Pittsburg, Tennessee and Kimball is already growing and developing. It’s beautiful, up-and-coming country, which is a big part of why Claudia and Larry wanted to move here.

Jasper Highlands Mountainview with House“When you’re out of state and make such a large purchase, you get a little scared,” Claudia explains. But she hasn’t once regretted choosing Jasper Highlands. With customizable home plans and highly recommended builders, Jasper Highlands has an excellent reputation. An architectural committee oversees all homes designed and built in the development, so nothing unseemly will be built. And with remarkable views overlooking Lake Nickajack and the Tennessee River Valley, the homes in the area, whether they are equestrian estates, mini-farms, or small acreage properties, better be equally remarkable.

Claudia and Larry have loved working with Jasper Highlands and would recommend them. While they can’t wait to have their new home finished and ready to move into, the process of working with Jasper Highlands has been easy and satisfying. Claudia says she never felt left out of the process, which is what you want if you’re building your ideal home. You want to be in control, even if you’re halfway across the country. Jasper Highlands gives their clients this experience, gives them the control they want and need over the building and design of their home.

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