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What is the ideal-LIVING Real Estate Show?

  • The ideal-LIVING Real Estate Show comprises exhibitors from many of the top relocation & retirement destinations. You will have the opportunity to speak with community representatives and homebuilder. You will also have the opportunity to attend informative seminars.

Who can attend the show?

  • Anyone interested in relocating or retiring to a more desirable destination. Any age, couples, singles, friends, family – anyone looking to find their ideal lifestyle.

Is there an admission fee?

  • No, admission is free.

Do we have to attend both days?

  • No, you can attend whatever day best suits your schedule. Attend the show at your leisure and make it as long or as short of a visit as you wish.

Are you required to stay all day?

  • No, you can arrive at whatever time works best with your schedule and stay as long as you wish.

Can I attend both days?

  • Yes

Do I have to check in with registration upon arrival since I am already registered?

  • Yes. We ask that you please check-in with the registration desk upon arrival so you can receive your welcome kit.

What does ideal-LIVING do with my information?

  • The information you provide to ideal-LIVING will not be sold or shared with any outside sources. You will be given a sheet of mailing labels with your information so that you can selectively share with the exhibitors that you wish to have your information. We will also put you on the mailing list to receive our next issue of ideal-LIVING magazine.

What are the directions to the show venue?

  • For the best directions you may call the hotel that the show is being held at and the front desk can give you the most current travel directions.

What if there is bad weather?

  • The show will go on. If you are able to travel to the show venue safely, we encourage you to attend the show as we will not be back in your area until the following year.

Can I bring my animal?

  • Animals are cute but not allowed at the show. We may have other attendees who are allergic, and we want everyone to have a great experience. Service animals are exempt but must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices.

What about parking?

  • The hotels offer free parking.

What if a state I am interested in is not represented at the show?

  • We encourage you to still attend as there are many options to consider and we may have something that fits you perfectly that you may not have previously considered.

Is it the same show on both days? Will there be the same communities there?

  • It is the same show on both days and we feature the same communities both days. If you are unable to make the show on Saturday, you can come on Sunday and talk with the communities then. Need more time on Saturday to talk with communities? Come on Sunday and get answers to all your questions. We also will have the same seminars on Saturday and Sunday if you missed one.

Where is the presentation schedule?

  • You can find the presentation schedule on the show page here: ideal-LIVING SHows click on "RSVP/More Info" for your show and scroll down to find "Presentations" under the registration form.