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Holiday Traveling Tips

Holiday Travel - Airport - Travel TipsWhether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, getting to your holiday destination can be stressful. Think traffic and its chorus of horns or the never ending airport security line. It’s enough to make someone turn into the Grinch, but don’t let holiday travel ruin the seasons’ best intentions. We’ve come up with a few tips that will hopefully make getting to and from your holiday celebrations that much more manageable.

Be Prepared

It seems like this would go without saying, but every year there’s a stranded motorist without a gas can or someone trying to push through the airport line. Although we’re supposed to be in a more giving spirit during the holidays, it’s a good idea to practice some self-reliance as well. Check the weather if you’re flying. If there’s a snowstorm in your destination city, understand that flight delays are possible and pack your charger in your carry on. If you’re driving, pack snow chains, a first aid kit, and a few books on tape to make the drive easier.

Pack Light and Bring Earplugs

One of the worst things about traveling is lugging around a heavy suitcase. Even those with wheels can be cumbersome at times. Be realistic about where you’re going, what you’re actually going to do there, and the amount of clothes you need. Also, try sticking to a similar color palette which will make mixing and matching that much easier. Another bonus to pack: earplugs! Whether it’s to dampen the noise at a holiday gathering, or just to make sleeping easier, earplugs will save the days.

Travel on Off Peak Days

While this is more applicable to air travel, it can also be helpful to drivers as well. When it comes to air travel, traveling on off peak days is going to save you money. It also increases your chances of receiving an upgrade and a generally pleasant flight. For drivers, leaving at the right time is crucial. Typically people travel around the weekends, but if you can get the time off work, stretching out your holiday vacation might be worth avoiding the overcrowded highways.

Bring Snacks and Stay Hydrated

Of course there are gas stations and convenience stores located in the airports, but most carry salty and sugary snacks at an increased price. Traveling takes a toll on the body, and when you fill it with junk food before stuffing yourself at the family dinner, it results in a sluggish demeanor and a matching attitude. Try packing a cooler if you’re driving and pulling over to stretch. If you’re flying, carry granola bars or choose healthier options once inside the airport. And although it may be tempting to hit up the airport bar before flying, avoid temptation and chug a water instead.

Remember, the holidays are a season to remember what we’re thankful for. Make sure you’re in a healthy, relaxed state to truly appreciate all that you can this holiday season. And safe travels!


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