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Healthy Living: Hiking and Walking Trails

Healthy Living: Hiking and Walking Trails

Hiking and Walking Trails - Communities with Hiking and Walking TrailsThe moments that stand out are those that are spent in movement: photographing the Great Falls, traveling through the Ruby Caves, climbing trees, and hosting picnics. What better place to do this than a community whose priorities lay most with getting their residents up and out under the sunshine?

The desire to get up and get moving is born afresh at the New Year, calling people outside to mark goals off of their bucket lists and smell the brand new 2015 air. It’s a great time to look into these retirement communities who agree with this resolution: to be active. Many of these communities host a variety of functions dedicated to the outdoors: state-of-the-art fitness centers with a wide range of classes; Olympic pools perfect for taking a few laps; tennis courts for getting heart rates up while playing a game or two; constructing lush walking and hiking trails for a natural approach at exercise.

These nature trails are often the biggest call for families and couples and singles who want to explore. The loveliness of walking up for a morning stroll, or a sunset hike, or a lunch in a hidden spot under the shade of the trails has an irresistible beauty. It’s nature that allows for the simplest kind of bonding whether it be seeing an exotic bird or laughing at ants with too much to carry on their backs. Knowing this, communities with walking trails keep their pathways clear and free for all patrons to enjoy. They keep their woodlands pristine and expand the trails whenever needed. In an effort to make activity easy, communities plan events for entire neighborhoods to enjoy.

So, for the New Year, why not look for a place to call home that takes pride in keeping its residents up and moving. After all, that’s where the best memories are made and the most beautiful things are hidden. Below are five communities that keep their residents moving with miles of hiking trails.

Eastman Community Association, located in Grantham, New Hampshire, is not a place for the mundane. Because of the temperate climate, Eastman has a dedication to nature and the outdoors, beginning with 37,000 miles of cross-country hiking trails available for adventurers. Grab a pair of good walking shoes and a friend, and hit the trails.

Lake Ridge in Tega Cay, South Carolina, centers on homeowners with a desire to keep active. The master-planned community spans 150-acres of open space preserved by forested greenways with a walking community design. Since walking is a main focus, the community itself has two miles of walking trails, and plans to connect them to the extensive trail system in Tega Cay.

Club at Hammock Beach, located in Palm Coast, Florida, is one of the State’s best examples of southern resort living. This community also wants to keep its residents moving and enjoying the outdoors. With 125 miles of hiking trails, it allows neighbors to hit the trails in the warm Florida sunshine.

Montesa at Gold Canyon is a resort-style retirement community for those over 55. For those who want to get out and enjoy the Arizonian sun and native terrain, miles of walking and biking trails lace the community. The popular Knolls Hiking Trail is amongst the most walked, and don’t forget to explore the nearby Superstition Mountains for a more adventurous hike.

Hot Springs Village is an Arkansas retirement community dedicated to outdoor sport and personalized living. The temperate climate of the state creates the perfect atmosphere to get out and about and walk alongside nature. Hot Springs Village’s 30 miles of hiking trails allows you to do just that, so find a neighbor and get out and explore the beautiful Ouachita Mountain surroundings of this community.

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