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Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

FathersdayFeatureTalking to my mother the other night, I mentioned that my sister and I would probably be coming home for Father’s Day. I told her it was only fair since we came home to celebrate Mother’s Day. She responded playfully, “Oh, he’ll think he’s special!” And of course, dad is special! So, with Father’s Day this weekend, perhaps it is about time to pick out the perfect gift to give to Dad. He has done a lot for us over the years, and deserves a big thanks for being a great Dad.

While he would appreciate breakfast in bed, that might not be exactly what he is thinking of for his special day. Doing things for him such as cutting the grass, taking the trash and recycling out, or fixing that leaky faucet are probably more along the lines he is thinking on. These nice gestures will definitely let Dad know that he deserves a break, and he would be amazed if we continued to do it after Father’s Day. But we all want to do a little more than his chores to let him know that he is the best. Of course, picking out new dress shirts and neckties is the safe route, but if your dad’s tie rack looks anything like my dad’s, there may be no room for more ties. The good news, though, is that there is a unique gift out there for any kind of Dad; it is all a matter of knowing a few of his favorite things.

If he is king of the grill, a new grill cover, or a new barbecue tool set could be the perfect gift. There is even the possibility that he will want to try out his new grilling tools for dinner that night. He has to keep his burger-flipping skills sharp! For the golfing dad, a new pair of golf shoes or a personalized golf towel could be the way to say ‘you are special.’ A day spent fishing out on the pier, or in a boat on the lake will be good quality time with Dad. Camping fanatic? Give him a fancy new sleeping bag, a bigger tent, or a comfortable camp chair to sit in by the fire. Do not forget that Dad can be a sucker for those heartfelt gifts too, (like the macaroni necklaces and crayon pictures we gave to him as children). A picture of Dad and Daughter in a nice frame might bring a smile and a tear. A nice family dinner (home cooked or out) topped off with his favorite dessert will really make him feel special—which he is. After all, he is the number one dad!

The options for the perfect gift for dad are many. Whatever gift is given, though, the important thing is to make sure he knows that all he has done, and all he still does, is appreciated, and that he is loved very much. Perhaps the best gift of all is a hug.

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