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Fits Like a Club!

Fits Like a Club!

Golfers come in all different shapes and sizes and there are plenty of clubs to suit every imaginable body type. However, not all these clubs are available ‘off-the-rack.’ That’s why there is custom-fitting. Just like the name suggests, custom-fitting is the building of individual golf clubs that are designed specific to a golfer’s size, shape and swing.

One of the most common questions members at our Club ask our golf professionals is “Am I using the right club or would I hit lower scores with a set of custom clubs?”Fits Like a Club

“Custom-fitting clubs can provide a great advantage to a player. When you’re comfortable on the course, you’re going to play better, it’s that simple. Having custom-fitted clubs can provide a player with a wide range of advantages, the big one being driving the ball farther with more ease. Other important factors include: length, lie, shaft flex, grip size, and shaft weight. We are now very happy to offer our members this service.” said Head Golf Professional at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club and PGA Member, Paul Rifenberg.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to go this route, you should start to notice slight improvements to your game once you get comfortable with the new clubs. It just takes time getting used to.

Wycliffe members can directly contact our Golf Professionals directly to set up an appointment or ask any questions.

Learn more about the Golf Professionals at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club as well as services offered to members by clicking here.

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