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Fall Fitness Tips

Fall Fitness Tips_Sept2014Autumn is quickly approaching, the weather is cooling off, and it is the perfect time to get back into exercising. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, the leaves changing, the cool breeze, schools have started back, and everyone is getting involved in a variety of activities. Though summer is coming to an end and your beach bod may not be your biggest concern, working out and staying healthy is essential to feeling good and looking great through the fall and winter too.

To get a good routine going, the first thing you should do is start laying out plans. Mark your calendar with certain days and find the time during the week to get out and exercise. No need to worry about getting a gym membership, there is a huge variety of exercise techniques that you can try right from your very own home. Many of the best places to retire are even equipped with state-of-the-art fitness centers that you can take advantage of. To keep it from getting monotonous, mix up your workout routine with different activities for each day. Try yoga to unleash your inner-yoga zen, or try some kickboxing workouts to get your blood flowing and your muscles working. Whatever it is you personally enjoy, find the perfect time of day and stick to it, if you get tired of the same strength training day-to-day change it up and keep yourself entertained!

Autumn is a time of year when temperatures are mostly perfect, the cooler weather making it easier to go for a nice run outdoors in the sun, but just cool enough to not get overheated. Not to mention catching a nice breath of fresh air can be good for your body and mind. Studies show that not only does clean fresh oxygen energize your body, it also helps relax your mind. So get outside and go on a beautiful hike, or simply taking your dog for a walk will do the trick. These activities do a lot more for your body than you may have realized, so get out in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air!

Transitioning into a new season can also be a good excuse to clean up your diet. It may not be easy right off the bat, but give yourself a chance and try adding more fruits and vegetables into your meals. There are lots of ways to do this, but one excellent way to stay in shape and healthy, all while feeling clean and strong, is to support local farmers. The foods found at local farmers markets are as fresh as it gets. Your produce and your meats can be purchased in their very best form, unprocessed, free of chemicals, and pollutants that are harmful to our bodies. If you can add a healthy diet into your exercise schedule, not only will you feel much better, it will help with your overall fitness as well. So get out and enjoy the relaxing fall weather, stay in shape anyway you like, and eat healthy and fresh!

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