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More Than a Meet & Greet: Expo Exhibitors

Expo_attendees1The ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expo is more than just a simple “meet & greet”. With as many as 50 exhibitors in the Grand Ballroom of an upscale hotel, it becomes an opportunity to find answers to all of your retirement questions. We have simplified the process for finding your ideal resort or retirement property to make it both entertaining and fun.

When you receive your invitation, it is important to RSVP for VIP treatment. This will ensure that you are welcomed at the Expo and receive express check in, full Expo privileges to seminars, and the scheduled wine tasting on Saturday at 3pm and Sunday morning Mimosas at 11am.

Upon checkin, you will be given a sheet of stickers with your contact information on them. This is provided so that you can easily share your contact info with exhibitors of your choice. You will also get a full color map of the Ballroom with the exhibitors color coded by geographic location. This will allow you to visit the exhibitors of most interest to you based on the state they are located in.

Before entering the Ballroom you will find our Discovery Tour booth. This freestanding display has a summary “flyer” for all of the exhibitors in the ballroom explaining their Expo Only travel specials. No matter how much information you accumulate about a particular community, the fact is, “you won’t know until you go”. These travel specials are priced to make that trip both affordable and delightful.

Expo_Attendees2The “main event” is the Expo, which is inside the Grand Ballroom. This is where dozens of exhibitors are waiting to see you. The ambiance is one of friendliness and without pressure. Having worked with these exhibitors for over 10 years, I can attest to their sincere desire for building relationships rather than just “selling” you something. In almost every case, the people in the booths live in the communities they represent and go about their business with an attitude of … choosing their neighbors! It makes for a delightful experience, and you will find that if you are not quite a fit for a particular community, the person you are speaking with will happily refer you to another person in a booth down the aisle that might have more of what you are looking for. Yes, it really is that friendly!

The Expo also offers a series of seminars throughout the day, and often the hotel restaurant will provide a healthy, nutritious lunch for attendees. This lunch is a real bargain, offered at a discount to Expo attendees.

So plan to spend a full day enjoying everything the ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expo has to offer! And remember to RSVP to get VIP treatment. I will see you there!

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