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Easter Egg Hunts and Embracing Peeps

Easter Egg Hunts and Embracing Peeps

Easter Fun with the Grandkids

Easter is fast approaching. As you’re planning for your time with the kids and grandkids, you may be wondering what you can do to make the Easter holiday extra special for the children in your life. We’ve got a few Easter activities in mind that you may want to try.

  1. The Thrill of the Hunt – There’s always the classic Easter Egg hunt. Plastic eggs filled with candy or coins and hidden, preferably outside (!), the house is always a huge hit. Not exited about sugaring everyone up? Add a step of fun and craft with boiled eggs. Dying and decorating can be as much fun as hunting for them.
  2. Scavenger Hunt – Shake things up a bit this year by hosting a scavenger hunt, where the kids have to read clues hidden in plastic eggs to find the treat at the end.
  3. Bunny Breakfast – If you’re grandkids are going to be around for Easter morning, consider having them help you make a special Easter breakfast of eggs and bacon, made into the shape of an Easter bunny face with the bacon as the ears. You can use blueberries for eyes and the yoke of the egg for the nose and then cut strips of cheese for whiskers.
  4. Easter Deco – Decorating Easter eggs is a long-standing tradition that can be as simple as dipping eggs in dye to as complex as hours of intricate design and preparation. For the sake of the children, you might want to stick
    to something close to the former. To help the littles dye their eggs, you can put the egg in a metal whisk. That will hold it in place as you dip it in the dye.
  5. P’mores – Trying to think of some fun Easter snacks to make with your grandchildren? What about P’mores, stolen from the camping classic, S’mores? Swap the marsh mellows for Peeps and you’re done! Colorful Peeps
  6. For the Big Kids – Speaking of Peeps, have you heard of the Washington Post’s annual Peeps Show? It’s a Diorama building contest featuring, you guessed it: Peeps! You can go to the website and check out all the contest details at the Some past dioramas have featured Sesame Street Peeps, Super Mario Peeps, Goodnight, Peeps (based on the book Goodnight, Moon). This project is probably best suited for your older grandkids, although the little ones would probably enjoy helping.
  7. Crafts for the Littles – If you only have little ones, you may want to try some other, simpler crafts. Bunny-nose straws are a fun starter. You’ve probably seen some home-made mustache straws (straws with silly mustaches attached to them so that when you drink, you get a mustache). Instead, cut out a paper nose and whiskers and attach them to a straw to make bunny-nose. Then, take lots of pictures ;).
  8. Spring into Easter – You can help your young ones craft a spring chicken using yellow paper cut in the shape of an oval for the body and two cut out handprints for the wings. Make it come alive with an orange paper beak and feet. Easter sheep can also be made this way – use a paper handprint and cotton balls and voilá.

Keep your grandkids busy and happy this Easter, and make lots of great memories in the meantime.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of Easter holidays!

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