Master-Planned and Gated Communities in the Dominican Republic

Beaches, resorts, golfing . . . talk about ideal living! The Dominican Republic is full of these luxuries and many more, making it a great destination to consider for retirement or a second home location.

Diverse Topography

Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has a range of landscapes to explore. It’s best known for its beaches, flanked by the Caribbean and Atlantic waters, and boasting white sand shorelines and towering tropical trees. You’ll even find that it’s home to a few black sand beaches, offering a whole new perspective on beach life.

If you’re looking to veer away from the beaches for a day, you could end up:

  • Exploring mountain ranges. The DR is home to five of them, the most notable being the Cordillera Central—which is home to Pico Duarte, one of the tallest peaks in the country. If hiking or climbing is your favorite outdoor activity, you’ll be impressed with the gorgeous scenery found on any of the routes you take.
  • In the Cave of Wonders. Also known as the Taino Caves, this cave system is full of well-preserved Taino pictographs and petroglyphs, as well as stunning stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Swimming in a lake or lagoon, like the ones found in the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve. You can also explore the Lago Enriquillo, the lowest point in the Caribbean, which is home to various bird species and the American crocodile. (You probably won’t swim here.)
  • Boating at sea or hiking to waterfalls. There are plenty of water features in the DR, and all of them offer spectacular views you won’t want to miss.

From its beaches to its mountain ranges and everything in between, this gem of a landscape instantly draws everyone in.


Resort Living

The communities here are designed with waterfront retirement living and luxury vacation lifestyles in mind. Oceanfront villas and other homes designs offer views fit for a postcard; it’s truly a destination of your dreams. But you can also expect other amenities within the community, including pools, tennis courts, restaurants, and fitness centers. They may also offer security features like gated entry.


Living in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an ideal place to retire in terms of its landscape, but it’s also financially attractive. You’ll find that the cost of living is lower than the United States and that housing is affordable. And there aren’t any taxes on Social Security and pension benefits. Other forms of income are taxed, but, generally, your money will go a long way—allowing you to live the life you want.

The weather is favorable, too, with its tropical climate providing comfortable temperatures year-round. Have friends and family still in the US? Its location is prime for travel, and you’ll likely find direct flights where you need to go. Other things to consider before making the move include healthcare and visas.

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Living in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a lot to offer those looking to retire or relocate. Its beauty and its promise of a relaxing lifestyle make this a tempting place to call home. But before you dive in, look first into the communities in the area and choose ones that may fit the lifestyle you’re after. After that, all that’s left to do is take a leap; venture out and explore on your own to discover if the Dominican Republic will be your new address.


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