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There’s a reason James Taylor has gone to Carolina in his mind...this is a place worthy of a daydream. North Carolina is a hotspot for those looking to relocate with family or retire. Read on to learn why people are flocking to North Carolina and consider if it’s the ideal place for you.

Why make the move to North Carolina?

North Carolina has it all. Mountains? Sure—the Appalachians. Beaches? Plenty, try Wrightsville. Cities? Head to Charlotte or Raleigh. Sleepy beach towns? Beaufort is calling you. Universities? So many to choose from. North Carolina offers diverse options for living, so no matter what you love or what you’re prioritizing, you’ll find it here.

What are the benefits of living in North Carolina?

North Carolina offers a great balance, so you can build the life you want. Read on to get a taste of the benefits of living in the Tar Heel state.

  • Natural landscapes: From the Blue Ridge Parkway’s red-orange autumn display to the dunes of the Outer Banks, North Carolina isn’t short of natural beauty.
  • Mild seasons: If you’re a warm weather lover but still like to bundle up in the fall with a cup of cocoa and flaunt a sweater from time to time, North Carolina is probably for you. Most places here, especially coastal towns, you’ll experience light seasons so you can get a taste of winter and summer without a blazing hot sun or a brutally cold January.
  • Low taxes and cost of living: North Carolina’s known for low taxes and affordable living, which makes it an excellent place for starting a family or retiring.
  • Education and healthcare: With more than 30 public universities and some of the nation’s best hospitals, North Carolina offers affordable, top-tier education for those with families, and world-class healthcare for those who want to retire with peace of mind.
  • Outdoor activities: Want to get a boat and navigate the Intracoastal every morning? Spend your weekends hiking in the mountains? Go fishing off the pier? There’s plenty to do, so you can find new hobbies or carry on doing the things you love.

Gone to North Carolina in your mind?

Start to make your future lifestyle a reality by browsing the North Carolina communities below. Consider: Am I looking for a seaside life? A mountain town? A city with great accessibility and entertainment? Take your time exploring the options below to see what’s right for you.

When you spot some communities that pique your interest, use the information request form to contact a local representative from each. When you chat with them, you can ask questions about the community, get a feel for the lifestyle in North Carolina, and learn about the amenities it provides. You can even get specifics like health care options, clubs and activities offered, and the best barbeque around.

If you’re seeking a city or feature, try using the filtering options on the left to narrow down your options and find your ideal North Carolina community.

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Online research only gets you so far—your next step is to plan your visit! We’ve got all the information you need here to get started. Many communities even offer stays and tours for those who are considering relocating, to make your life easier. Select a few options, inquire about a visit, and then pack your bags! It’s time to explore the place you could soon call home.

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