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Create a Living Legacy

Create a Living Legacy

By Kelly Godbey. Previously published in the 2015 Winter Issue.

Reynolds_Plantation_Oconee18_LOAs we age, we start to consider what kind of impact will we leave on the world, our communities and our families. In business, that might mean creating a product that will last decades, or maybe mentoring young entrepreneurs. For some it is about giving back to our communities, helping to establish organizations to assist others or donating money to charities. And for others, they think about creating a lasting impression for their families. However, we don’t need to wait until we get older to create a legacy… it is possible to work on that while you are still young enough to enjoy it.

For Sharon and Michael Geslak, they have decided to create a living legacy—one that they share with their family now and for many years to come. The Geslaks, who currently live in London, England have recently completed a vacation home at Reynolds Plantation on Lake Oconee in Greensboro, GA, fully equipped with all the toys you can enjoy for the lakefront lifestyle. They have a boat, paddleboards, a hot tub, a fire pit, and an entertainment room with seven movie theatre chairs.

The new home is large enough to entertain all of the family. The Geslaks have three daughters, ages 25, 21 & 18. All of whom love spending time at the lake house. The girls have attended university in the States and enjoy having a place to call home. Their oldest daughter, who now lives in Atlanta, was recently married and spends a good amount of time at the lake house.

The Geslaks moved to London about 11 years ago, and kept a house in New York to maintain the American roots for their children. They have since sold that home and have established roots in Georgia. Living in England, they were able to enjoy vacations around the world in places like Cairo, Frankfurt & Munich. Being so well-travelled, it speaks volumes for the quality of life afforded at Reynolds.

f6M6A1822aLOAlthough they just completed their eventual retirement home, the Geslaks had originally purchased a second home at Reynolds Plantation in 2009. While visiting friends, they decided to buy a house that very day. And, since that time, eight other friends have purchased property at Reynolds. They even refer to Reynolds Plantation as “Surry South.” They’ve been able to enjoy the lifestyle, and decided it was time to build a larger home to accommodate the family throughout the years.

“We play golf and love all of the activities, including going to the spa at the Ritz Carlton. Reynolds has so much to offer and the people are so welcoming,” says Sharon. “We didn’t want to wait, we want to be able to enjoy our lives now. I just love to sit on the dock with a cup of coffee and gaze at the lake. That’s the beauty of the lake, it’s so serene…so quiet.”

Will you choose to leave a legacy or to live it now? Sharon concludes, “I encourage others to take control of your life and live it now.”

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