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Color Trends

Color Trends

It’s a pretty well known fact that one of the best and most economical methods to refresh your home is by changing your paint colors. Whether you choose to paint just one room or go for the gusto and paint them all, you’re sure to be left with a renewed feeling of creativity and inspiration from the new colors in your space.

Each year, major players in the paint space come out with their new collections of on-trend colors. Taking their inspiration from a variety of different sources, they create their very own color palettes that are harmonious and balanced, making it easy to select colors that will coordinate beautifully with one another.

So, what have Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Haymes come up with for 2014?

Update Your Neutrals – Glamorous Grays

Neutrals have evolved significantly since the days of stark white or boring beige. These days, gray hues are taking center stage and with good reason. Not only do they coordinate well with nearly any color scheme, they offer a relaxed and modern take on a neutral. All of the major players in the paint game have an abundance of grays in their 2014 collection. Sherwin Williams is offering everything from soft grays like Crushed Silver to deeper shades like Gauntlet Gray, providing the perfect color selection to meet every need. Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore has a host of very pale hues, such as Distant Gray and Wickham Gray, which are the ideal backdrop for mixing in warm or cool accent colors. Finally, Haymes has introduced Greyology 1 at the lightest end of the spectrum and Greyology 7 at the deeper end of the spectrum, ensuring you’re able to find just the right shade for your own space.

Lighten Up – Playful Pastels

All of the major paint retailers have introduced lighter colors in their collections, evoking a bygone era of pastels with a modern twist. In fact, Benjamin Moore has released 24 new blushing beauties, such as Peach Parfait and Palladian Blue, which are a total shift to the softer side of things – you know, when things were simpler and less stressful. Their new collection features colors from opposite ends of the spectrum which tie together to create a harmoniously balanced collection. Sherwin Williams brings customers the Diaphanous Collection, containing a myriad of pale, muted hues with just a hint of color. Haymes is redefining the serene environment with colors like Soft Yellow, Woodrose and Arbella in their Headspace Collection.

Evoke a Mysterious Allure – Joyous Jewels

Sometimes, color is simply meant to be bold. Sherwin Williams calls their richly toned collection ‘Curious’ for good reason. Richly saturated colors such as Exclusive Plum, Relic Bronze and Blue Peacock will lend a stately and mysterious appeal to your space, while Haymes’ color palette features the rich purple tone of Gabrielle or the stunning blue of Ocean’s Runway. These eclectic colors combine in perfect cohesion to create a stunning global appeal.

Keep in Natural – Outstanding Organics

Nature inspired colors can range from the lightest hue of a blue sky to the deepest green of a large tree. Sherwin Williams’ Intrinsic Collection is just that – colors that are intrinsic in nature. From the beautiful green of Houseplant to the bright burning Raucous Orange, you’ll find touches of the color you see in the world around you. Benjamin Moore, whose new collection stays more on the softer side, has Fresh Air and Van Alen Green, which also speak to the more organic and natural flow of color. Haymes also introduces nature inspired colors into their collections, from the bright green of Tinkerbell to the Evans Delight reminiscent of the beautiful sea or April Sun which is as bright as the hottest sun on a summer day.

Regardless of what manufacturer or color you choose, any of these newly introduced colors is sure to provide you with a modern update to your home – which is sometimes all you need to gain a new and refreshing perspective for a fantastic new year.

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