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Choose and Go! Discovery Tours

Choose and Go! Discovery Tours

DiscosverCoupleLogo2The process of determining where one is going to spend their retirement years begins with considering your options. What kind of lifestyle do you desire? This is the information gathering stage, and is characterized by lots of research and not much decision-making. What decisions are made, of course, are not final, but rather tentative. What state do I want to live in? Do I want a coastal area or an inland area? Is the tax structure of the state important to me? Do I want year round sun or seasonal weather? Do I want to live near family? What about an all-adult community? Sometimes the options can be overwhelming! But clearly, the time and expense of actually visiting all the possible communities is impractical for most people.

Likewise, experience has shown that the second step of the process—comparing communities—does not give definitive answers for a final decision. It does, however, enable you to narrow things down to a few potential sites that meet most, if not all, of the factors that are important to you. With fewer places to choose from, it now becomes feasible to actually visit them. The Discovery Tour program was designed with exactly this in mind.

EXPO_DiscoveryBoothWe like to say, “Choose and go!” This is the only way to confirm if a community is right for you. Hundreds of people who have made the right decision for themselves can attest to the wisdom of this. The exhibitors at the ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expo recognize this as well, and they have created special, discounted travel packages for you to take advantage of. Discovery Tours, as they are called, include a 2 or 3 night stay at the property itself, often with guest passes for sampling the amenities they offer. Sample offerings include rounds of golf, elegant dining at the on-site restaurant, equestrian activities, clubhouse privileges, and of course, a guided tour of the property. Many communities welcome their guests with a “meet and greet” so you can get to know your potential new neighbors. You can find information about the Discovery Tours at the Discovery Tour booth right outside the Grand Ballroom at the expo.

The key is to use this opportunity to truly “discover” the property itself and the surrounding area. Actually driving to local shopping, attending your house of worship, and speaking with the “locals” is something that can only be done in person. Discovery Tours make this an affordable, informational, and entertaining way of choosing the right place. Enjoy!

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