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Chocolate Truffle With a Card Saying I Love You

Valentine’s Spa Day

Valentine’s Spa Day

The spirit of gift giving usually favors one person or another. This can be especially true for Valentine’s Day where lovers always seek to outdo the other on surprises, hoping to make this year the best one yet. In this way the boyfriends and husbands have to brainstorm hard to think of the perfect romantic gesture to make their darling swoon, and girlfriends and wives have to rack their brains to remember what exactly he said he wanted a few months ago.

It can be quite the task. What were her favorite flowers again? Are the reservations to the fondue restaurant booked? Did you get her the same thing last year? Does she still like biscotti? Did he ever buy that new hammer he wanted? Does he even remember Valentine’s Day is tomorrow?

In a world full of constant movement and fluctuations, anything more complicated than it should be creates a bundle of frustration. Between waking up at six a.m. and traffic and work and traffic and calling the relatives and putting the kids in bed and paying the bills before sleeping again to restart the cycle, nothing should be harder than it absolutely needs to be.

This includes Valentine’s Day. It should be simple. Love, in its purest form, is simple. So is happiness. In a day full of chocolates and plastic, ruby-red hearts, it seems that love and happiness and simplicity should reign. Sappy movies, long walks on the beach, laughing over mismatched socks, eating dinner and just being together are excellent ways to enjoy the day. There are a million gifts that can benefit both people in a way that does not favor one person over the other.

Spas are another excellent way to be sure that both halves can relax and enjoy Valentine’s Day. The idea of walking into any of the high end spas readily available on the most romantic day of the year, is lovely. Couples massages are widely popular, giving you the chance to relax completely while spending time with your significant other in a peaceful atmosphere. Receiving other treatments like hot rocks, mud baths, and deep tissue massages allows time for more relaxation, and enhances the romantic energy between the couple since they are experiencing this together. It is impossible to leave a spa in a bad mood when you’re free of muscles tensions and other frustrations. Both partners enjoy this gift without having to worry about whether it was the right thing to buy or not.

The real bottom line is to keep it simple and relaxing. There are so many days in the year to worry. Valentine’s Day, the day for love and romance, should not be one of those days for anyone.

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