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Benefits of Living in Citrus County

Benefits of Living in Citrus County

Benefits of Living in Citrus County

Benefits of Living in Citrus CountyFlorida is a big state with a wide range of different options that appeal to different people for different reasons.

But if you are considering relocating to the Sunshine State, Citrus County, which just so happens to be the home of the Villages of Citrus Hills, presents one of the best options you could choose for a number of reasons.

Residents of Citrus County are in a position to enjoy all of the best aspects of Florida at the same time. They get to experience the famous Florida climate. They are right next to the Gulf Coast, while still not too far from the Atlantic Coast. Great cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Gainesville are just a short drive away, and the entire region is filled with amazing state parks and forests.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most significant benefits of living in Citrus County:Benefits of Living in Citrus County

Public and Protected Lands
Many people who relocate here don’t realize that Citrus County covers approximately 700 square miles, of which more than 152,000 acres are set aside as public and protected land. Half of the county is a protected area that will never see any type of construction. This assures residents that Citrus County will never suffer from becoming overbuilt the way other parts of Florida have.

Ideal Climate
One of the main reasons people move to Florida is the year-round sunshine. In a state known for great weather, Citrus County has Florida’s best.

Benefits of Living in Citrus CountyUnlike humid South Florida, the region surrounding the Villages of Citrus Hills doesn’t have the Everglades water effect. We instead sit on the Central Ridge. At 260 feet above sea level, the Villages of Citrus Hills benefits from the breezes off the nearby Gulf of Mexico, keeping the climate temperate all year round.

Citrus County’s year-round average is about 72 degrees with 65 percent humidity. In fact, comfortable days are the norm. We enjoy 274 days a year in the temperature comfort “comfort zone”, which falls between 65 and 75 degrees. It also means you won’t spend the whole summer hiding from the heat in your air-conditioned home. Beautiful weather isn’t just a perk; it will improve your quality of life.

An Enormous Amount of History
From the historic sites of the Second Seminole War to the shell mounds of ancient natives, Citrus County is packed with tons of great history and plenty of places to learn all about it. The county also has a long history of producing outstanding thoroughbred horses, including multiple Kentucky Derby champions.

Low Cost of Living
Like all Florida residents, those living in Citrus County are not subjected to any state income tax. However, unlike some of the more urban parts of the state, Citrus County residents enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where they don’Benefits of Living in Citrus Countyt have to worry about gouging prices that you might find in many popular tourist areas. The cost of living is very reasonable in Citrus County.

Parks and Trails
Whether you are looking for large state parks, great walking trails built from abandoned railroad lines, or small community parks that offer some of the best sunset views you will find anywhere, Citrus County has them all. There are a number of different parks and trails throughout the county that all offer their own unique version of nature in Citrus County.

Benefits of Living in Citrus CountyDay Trips to “Old Florida” Towns
Another advantage that the geographic location of Citrus County offers is that residents are within a short drive of quite a few different “Old Florida” towns that all make for great day trips. Many of these small towns have great historic shopping districts, outstanding restaurants, and plenty of history and art museums.

Gulf Coast Lifestyle
Living in Citrus County places you right in the heart of the Gulf Coast Lifestyle. Fishing, boating, and sunbathing at the beach will all be only minutes away. You can also participate in popular local activities such as scalloping, catching stone crab, or swimming with the manatees.

Close to Tampa and Orlando
While the communities of Citrus County are known for their small-town environments, the big-city lifestyle is never very far away with both Tampa and Orlando being only a short drive away. This gives Citrus County residents access to great shopping, cultural events, and professional sports teams that many people like to experience from time to time.Benefits of Living in Citrus County

As you can see, Citrus County is one of the most optimal locations for an active adult lifestyle in Florida. Make sure to include a tour through Citrus County and the Villages of Citrus Hills on your next trip to Florida so that you can see the area for yourself. Who knows you may decide to call us home!

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