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Albemarle Plantation: A Community of Friends

Albemarle Plantation: A Community of Friends

Albemarle Plantation is secluded, located on North Carolina’s Inner BanksIf you want to retire along the coast, but don’t want the hustle and bustle of tourists, you should consider Albemarle Plantation in North Carolina. The Albemarle Sound lends its name to a private, waterfront golf community along 500 miles of North Carolina shoreline. Albemarle Plantation is secluded, located on North Carolina’s Inner Banks, which is effectively a long string of barely-coastal towns, just miles away from the barrier island beaches.

In 2012, a community of friends bought the community, which included a Dan Maples’ golf course (three holes offer uncompromising views of sound waters, and the course has been given a 4 by Golf Digest), marina (166-slip deep water marina with easy runs to the Intracoastal Waterway, Albemarle Sound, the beaches of the Outer Banks, and the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream), tennis courts, bocce ball courts, pool and fitness facilities, walking, hiking, and biking trails, and dining. Every amenity offering a panoramic view of the Albemarle Sound.

The clubhouse, which is located on the 18th green, contains its own restaurant, which serves diners a wide variety of culinary delights, including local seafood and produce. The clubhouse is a popular venue for events and community get-togethers, so you can meet and socialize with your neighbors.

Truly, everything in the community is owned by its residents. The goal was to control their community’s future, to be a source of stability in the uncertain world. The community keeps membership costs low and property values high.

Albemarle Plantation offers a blend of convenience and seclusion. Home prices range from the $390-775,000 ranges, depending on the size and adjacency to water. You can also buy land for as little as $10,000 to build on. There is something for whatever you’re looking for. And the community is filled with friendly citizens, who are like-minded.

Located just southeast of Hertford, North Carolina, Albemarle Plantation is a hidden gem. Traditional southern hospitality and small-town living are carefully preserved in the quiet town of Hertford. Hertford gives visitors a look at what northeastern North Carolina once was, and still is, in many ways. This ideal small town has a world of amenities and attractions just waiting to be discovered. If you venture off the main highway, you’ll find numerous historic sites, a charming downtown, and miles of riverfront water views. Adjacent to the Perquimans River and the Albemarle Sound, the small community is surrounded by a large waterfront.

neighboring town Edenton, NCTake the family to visit the classic Georgian and Victorian homes. Visit local shops and restaurants. The town has a lot of hidden history for residents and visitors alike to discover. You can also explore the other neighboring towns, like Edenton, NC; and Elizabeth City, NC. Plus, the inner and outer banks are close by, so you can always take a day trip there and enjoy the sand and sun.

A solid potential home for retirees, Albemarle Plantation adds an elite atmosphere to traditional, Inner Banks, waterfront living in North Carolina. The community is always open to visitors and is worth a look, especially if you picture yourself near the water on the East Coast. The community and its surrounding areas are a relaxing, quiet departure from populated and busy beach communities, and one of the best places to retire in North Carolina.

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