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Besides the excitement of meeting face to face with dozens of community representatives from around the south and southeast, the ideal-LIVING Resort & Retirement Expo also offers a series of informative seminars.  These presentations are scheduled throughout the day so you can plan to take advantage of them without interrupting your “shopping” in the Ballroom.

We believe that where you live, affects how you live. With all kinds of choices for the perfect destination, actually finding the perfect destination may seem overwhelming at times. How exactly do you find the area and community that is right for you? The Choose Your Ideal Destination seminar is designed to help with just that. By focusing on four key points—Climate and Location, Family and Friends, Lifestyle, and Financial Considerations—our speaker will guide you through the process of determining exactly what is right for you, and help you to “choose your ideal destination.”

Decorating a new home is truly something to look forward to! Ideal Home Trends is a seminar that highlights both the 2015 Ideal Home, located in Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville, South Carolina, and the Universal Design Trends featured within the home. Think one-story floorplans, levers instead of doorknobs, and low-maintenance exteriors, which are all elements of the Universal Design Trend, and will be covered—along with much more—in this seminar.

Buying a new home often means selling your old home. But selling your home takes a little more than just putting a “for sale” sign in the front yard. Preparing Your Home For Sale is a seminar that will give you the opportunity to learn from a local expert in real estate sales. Attendees will receive tips on how to present your house in a way that appeals to buyers, ultimately resulting in a faster sale. Elements such as curb appeal, kitchen updates, doing minor repairs, and de-personalizing are some of the helpful topics that will be covered. Be sure to RSVP for the Expo to reserve your seat for this seminar!

Our seminars are a wonderful compliment to the “main event” going on in the Grand Ballroom. RSVP for full details so you can take advantage of all the helpful information found in our various seminars, and to enjoy your Expo experience!

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