Healthy Living: Enjoying the Ride in NC

Biking in NC | Enjoy the Ride | North Carolina cycling | ideal-LIVING Mag

Biking in NC. Enjoy the Ride. North Carolina cycling. With nine designated routes spanning 3,000 miles, the NC Bikeways system has NC covered. Biking in NC. By Jamie Penn. Previously published in the 2016 Fall Issue. North Carolina is one of those states in which it’s really hard to sit at home. Famous for having…

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Healthy Living Brain Tricks

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy | What helps and what hurts | magazine

You Can  Teach an Old(er) Brain New Tricks. How to keep your Brain healthy. By Jan Cullinane. Previously published in the 2016 Fall Issue. Old Thinking: Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are great for our brain, perhaps staving off dementia. New Thinking: Crossword puzzles and Sudoku make us better at crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Old Thinking:…

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Utah’s Mighty 5

Utah's Mighty 5 | National Parks | ideal-LIVING Magazine Resort

Utah Might 5. National Park. parks. by JG Walker. Recently published in the Fall 2016 Magazine. “The Mighty 5” isn’t a new action hero movie that the grandkids are clamoring to see. It’s the muscular nickname for an awe-inspiring collection of five national parks in southern Utah that will have you and the grands gasping…

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Single and Selling?

Little-Known Tips for Success | Single and Selling Your Home | Magazine

Little-Known Tips for Success By Jan Cullinane. Previously published in the 2016 Fall Issue. Congratulations! You’ve decided to pick up stakes and relocate. Perhaps your peer group has moved away, or you are divorced or widowed and your current community no longer fits your social or financial needs. You may long for a warmer climate,…

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Ideal Destinations Smooth Moves

Mainstream Moonshine Chicken Recipe | ideal-LIVING Magazine

Moonshine flows out of the past and into the mainstream. By Fanny Slater published in the 2016 Fall issue. Remember those rowdy 20-something parties where you’d empty every juice in the fridge and a generous helping of clear, high-proof liquor into a bathtub filled with ice? Yeah, me either. But that was kind of the…

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On the Trail Holy Smokes

BBQ Sandwiches Recipe | Creamy Crunch Slaw Recipe | ideal-LIVING

Why the Carolinas rule the Barbecue battle and where you can go to sink your teeth into the action. Southern Recipe included! By Fanny Slater as published in the 2016 Fall issue. In the Carolinas, barbecue is a noun. You don’t “barbecue a steak,” and the word is not synonymous for a grill. In the…

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Ideal Destinations 10 Walkable Towns 2016

Top 10 Walkable Towns | Southern Towns | ideal-LIVING Magazine

10 Walkable Towns – Explore These Southern Communities. Top 10 Walkable Southern Towns by Emily Colin. What does it mean for a town or city to be ‘walkable?’ Clearly, pedestrians need to be able to walk from one place to the next-there needs to be sidewalks and crosswalks, stoplights and signs. But walkability is about…

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Something New and Special Every Year

A New Kind of Retirement | Acting in North Carolina | Stay Healthy

Tony Viollis Lives a New Kind of Retirement By Emily Hackeling. Previously published in the 2016 Fall issue. It’s noon on a Tuesday, and my phone rings. I answered, expecting to talk with Tony Viollis, the St. Mary School Athletic Director, about his retirement before I headed to work. I had no clue I’d hang…

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Builder Profile: AV Homes

Active Adult Lifestyle Communities | AV Homes | ideal-LIVING Magazine

Award-Winning Active Adult Lifestyle Communities: Lifestyle Blended With Healthy Living and a Natural Environment By Warren Grant. Previously published in the 2016 Fall issue. Much like the Farmer’s Insurance tagline, you could say of Scottsdale-based homebuilder AV Homes, “they know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two.” Founded in 1970, a…

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Ideal Destinations Autumn in East Tennessee

What to do in Tennessee | ideal-LIVING Magazine Resort & Retirement

The Most Colorful and Festive Time of the Year. By JG Walker. Previously published in the 2016 Fall Issue. While the fall foliage in New England is justifiably famous, the autumn splendor on display in East Tennessee is equally amazing. Better yet, the daytime temperatures in this Southern highland paradise are still warm enough that…

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